Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Love a Parade.

One of the many things I love about where I live is that it's a small town.  And they have a parade down Main Street every Fourth of July (or Fifth of July, this year).  Our small library is manned and supported by a fanatically loyal group and every year they put on a Cafe a la Mode event to coincide with the parade.  This entails tables covered with all manner of wonderful, homemade pies, muffins, coffee cakes and other amazing baked goods that are sold - pies by the slice, with or without ice cream - to support the library.  It is also a great excuse for everyone to gather under the tent and catch up; a/k/a gossip.  There are older folks, younger folks, little folks, dogs.  And they are friendly.  Then there is the parade - every piece of fire equipment within a 50 mile radius is buffed and on show, there are beautiful old cars, floats, bagpipers, firemen, rescue squads, bands, horseback riders, you name it.  Every year there is a theme and all floats are judged and win prizes.  Lots of people line the street and take pictures.  It is just wonderful, and it is representative of what is best about America - it's small towns and the people who populate them.