Monday, July 26, 2010

How lunch became fun.

I pack my lunch every day.  I don't think I can count on one hand the times that I have actually purchased lunch at work.  This is because I am very, very cheap frugal.  I just cannot pay over $7 for a mediocre salad.  Besides, I do try to be as self-sustaining as I can be.  But, I will tell you, the joy and novelty had gone out of my lunches some time ago.  Around the time that the excitement almost completely died (it's very difficult to be virtuous every day), I also started re-thinking plastic.  With all of the dire reports of cancer-causing elements leaching out of your mild-mannered plastic food containers, I thought it would be a good idea to look at alternatives.  Glass or Pyrex containers were at the top of my list - until, that is, I realized how heavy they were and there was the chance of breakage.  I am rather infamous for dropping things.  Googling around one day, I came across the Tiffin boxes.  Almost perfect! (Although you cannot microwave the container, you can always put the food on a plate and microwave that.)  I ordered the three tier model pictured above, and romance and excitement has re-entered my lunch.  Today, for example, the bottom portion held a delectable piece of chocolate zucchini cake, thanks to my friend Melanie.  The middle portion held my favorite Summer Squash Casserole and, last (or, first, really) my favorite summer salad - diced tomato, cuke, onion & feta cheese with a sprinkling of thyme & pepper.  Best of all?  There were local ingredients in every level - zucchini and eggs from Melanie's farm; zucchini, summer squash and tomatoes from mine, and carrots and scallions from my CSA.  Even the dried thyme was from last year's herb garden.  That was a satisfying lunch!


Penny said...

Oh I like this thing. Next paycheck I'll be ordering one. I also liked the carrying tote too.

Susan said...

Isn't the tote cute? I am planning on making one - or, at least, it's on "the" list.