Monday, August 30, 2010

My 3-F Weekend

I am back from my Fun Fabulous weekend with Friends!  I took pictures and will post them later.  Other than the five-hour drive which is about 90% Interstate driving, it was a great escape to one of my favorite places.  I was thoroughly annointed with large, wet Scottish Deerhound noses, ate wonderful meals prepared by someone else! on a porch with an amazing vista, learned how to use my on-loan spinning wheel, read more than 6 pages in my book, knitted, talked, relaxed.  I was amazed it was only about a day and a half.  I made it home safely with my small charge - Bartlett - a spotted moorit ram lamb.  He was a very good sport about the long drive; especially the snake-like final portion of the trip.  I was so anxious to get home, that it took me a while to realize that the sound I was hearing - slide, thump, clackety-clack, slide, thump - was Bartlett sliding from side to side in his dog kennel when I cornered the bends.  My friend, Rosie, had everything in hand and helped me get the squirt into the hoop house, where he will be able to meet everyone at a safe distance.  I had forgotten how small lambs were at this age (5 months).  It was good to get home.


  1. Welcome home! Learning to spin, how fun! I just learned to knit last Christmas so I am mesmerized by those who can do that!

  2. We all welcome Bartlett to his wonderful new home. May he grow up to be a happy, healthy ram and do great things!

  3. Erin - I am semi-accomplished at treadling. I really am looking forward to a winter of spinning. I have the sheep, the wheel, the loom, the knitting needles. Now all I need is time and talent!

    Mama Pea - We are expecting BIG things from him. The little squirt.