Friday, March 30, 2012

I need to blame somebody.

I bet I have spent literally hundreds of hours searching for the perfect cup of coffee.  Just a simple, good, rich, non-bitter cuppa joe.  The first cup of coffee I ever had was percolated.  It put me off for quite some time.  But, being the romanticized artist that I assumed I was, I stuck with it.  In my 20s, I was quite the sight to behold -- small cups of Turkish coffee in one had, lit Gitanes in the other, world-weary expression on my puss.  Luckily, I got over-out-of the Gitanes habit.  But I was hooked on dark, slightly bitter coffee.  Black and lots of it.  As I morphed out of artist-girl into advertising-person, my coffee got slightly more 'refined'.  That would have been my French Roast/Espresso period.  Remember, this was waaay before Starbucks and designer-y coffees.

As I have gotten older, I tend to take myself a lot less seriously.  But, not my coffee.  If I can find a really good cup of coffee, I will drink it black and savor every drop.  Most of the time, however, it's only drinkable if I can add a dollop of cream.  I have gone through most of the coffee-making methods in my quest - perc/drip/cold filter/boiled in a pan.  The only method I have not tried is pressed.

Now comes the blaming bit -'s your fault!!!! (Kidding.)  I had, just that morning, been having a talk with my Melitta.  "Lita," I said, "I sure wish you could keep coffee hot so I wouldn't have to inhale three cups in a row without any hope of savoring."  But we all know how I am trying not to add things to my life, but shed them...

Meet Nissan (or "Nissie"):

I can tell you that this - so far - has met all my requirements. 

* It is NOT made in China (Malaysia - is that as bad?  Pleeze tell me it's not)

* It's not plastic (at least not ALL of it; it's mostly stainless steel),  which means even I will have a hard time breaking this baby

* It keeps coffee hot for at least 2+ hours

* It takes no additional filter (less expense)

* It's non-electric. 

But here is the best part -- I can drink my coffee black again!


  1. I am a coffee WIMP. I like it mild. Very very mild. And that's a problem for us nowadays because YOU DARK COFFEE DRINKERS have taken over the world!!!!
    But it is increasingly hard for me to find coffee out in the real world now. We just came off the road and I literally HUGGED my Bunn coffeemaker when we got home. Ah, mild mild mild coffee. Yum.
    Glad you finally found a solution to your dilemna. Isn't life grand when our coffee is "just right"?
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Sue - Good morning, you early bird! So, are you enjoying your first cup of dark water? (heehee, couldn't help myself.) It is amazing how much better the world seems with a good cup of coffee in your hand.

  3. I drink black coffee. Thanks for sharing about this.

  4. You and my husband . . . twins separated at birth (and by ten years). Always in search of the "perfect cup of coffee!" He has this exact same model in his coffee making arsenal. His coffee quest 'bout drives me crazy.

  5. Funny.... all this is Greek to me. I don't drink coffee. Give me a GOOD glass of iced tea, though, and I'm a happy girl! Not to strong, not too weak, fresh, and from real tea not instant. No sugar, small slice of lemon, (not squeezed) and tons of ice. Oh, and please, please don't boil the water in the same pot as coffee is made in. I have my tea water pot, and hubby has his super dark-as-mud coffee pot when we go camping, and they never touch each other.

  6. So, exactly what IS Nessie? Is it a combo coffee press / thermos? DH has been using a coffee press for several years now and probably won't go back to drip. Personally, I could give a ratt's bum as I don't like coffee. At all. Heresy, I know. But I've tried it, on and off for years. Black, cream, sugar, cream & sugar, milk, those little tiny containers of coffee flavoring like hazelnut chocolate, etc. But I can still taste that "coffee" in it. It still tastes bitter to me.

    Oh well. I'll just stick with my teas and you enjoy your new coffee gadget (whatever it is).

  7. When I get up in the morning, it's a pot of Folger's Columbian for the other half and a cold Pepsi for me. Like I tell him - you get your caffeine your way and I'll get mine my way.

  8. I've been back and forth (drip and perk) for years. Tried grinding my own beans, still searching for the perfect cup. I've been curious about the presses but didn't want to fork over more dough for something that might not be any better. Was Nissie expensive? Might try it anyway. sigh

  9. Kristina - Thank goodness! I was beginning to think I was an oddball. hahahaha

    Mama Pea - And I love you anyway.

    Lori - I am with you on the iced tea - that is all I drink in the summer.

    CR - Nissie is a thermal coffee press - the best of both worlds. I am beginning to think that coffee drinkers are the minority here....

  10. LindaCO - Egg-xactly. Although, it wasn't as expensive as I had feared and it will last a good, long time.

    Maxine - Caffeine anyway is a necessity in the morning, ain't it?

    Hoosier Girl - The best bean-grinder I have found is one of a kind. It was my great grandmother's and I still use it. The Nissan wasn't that pricey - I got through

  11. Since my husband started making coffee in a press, we can't drink coffee anywhere else. We find Starbucks way too bitter, and we wonder what the appeal is, but I guess if you are used to bitter coffee, you don't know the difference. That's a nice press. Ours is just the glass and plastic kind, but we don't normally drink more than one cup each, so keeping it warm isn't a priority.

  12. I'm glad it's working well for you! Personally, I'm an Earl Grey kinda gal. I can drink coffee, with lots of sugar and half-n-half! ;-)

  13. I just recently converted to the coffee press, and am so glad to see this! Will have to add it to my wish list:)

  14. me too, dark, black, slight bitter and roasty mmmmm!