Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Musings.

"Have a good one."  A good what?  What the heck is the "one"?  A good life?  A good dental implant?  A good day, week, hour?  It always gives me pause.  And, if I am foolish enough to ask, I either get a blank stare, rolled eyes, or that "oh, you poor geezer" look.  There is one young woman - so bored with her job that I am often tempted to urge her to quit so that someone who would LOVE her job could take it - who always mumbles "have a good one" as I check out.  So, now, because I am a crotchety geezer, I always say, "Why, thank you!  And you have a good one-whatever-it-is, too!  With her, it's the blank stare.  Something more would require focus.

When I was a kid, I really thought that someday - within my adulthood - there would be flying cars.  I was obsessed for a while with the idea of it.  Zinging through the air, from point A to point B in a matter of nanoseconds.  I often muse about this as I am creeping along the mountain road behind someone going about 25 mph.  Not that this should surprise anyone, but I am a Type A driver.  My nephew thinks I am hilarious.  Others refuse to get in the car with me.  Which is just as well, as my passenger door does not open from the outside.  And I'd have to clean my car.  Which is difficult, since something seems to have died in it somewhere.  A little Eau d' Country Living.

I was musing about this this morning - trying to exercise my new regimen of breathing, stress management, looking for the calm.  It was fairly successful, given that I had begun my day in true Monday fashion - with the breakout of Chickie, who had discovered the one weak link in the fence and had worked his little brain into fever pitch getting through it, the little dickens.  I had to do some quick fence triage, which put me way behind schedule.  Which led to a race to end up behind Mr. Pokey.  Which led to some serious breathing exercises.  Once I lost Mr. Pokey, I found myself behind Mr. Trailer-with-no-lights.  Sigh.  The New Improved Me made it into the parking garage with only a couple of short outbursts.  Maybe I should look into investing in a Jet Pack.  Bet that would be fun, coming over the mountains on clear day!


  1. :-) Love your Monday Musings. I'm still working at the "new me" when driving too. Years ago I passed two VERY pokey cars on back roads, only to have the cop coming at me with his radar on. He made a quick U-y...ugh. I always do my breathing now too, when I'm behind slow cars :-)

  2. They say (okay, sticking with your line of thinking today, who the heck are "they?") that as we age (ahem) we would do well to keep our brains limber by doing a lot of thinking and exercising the ol' brain cells to prevent them from deteriorating. You, m'dear, won't ever have to worry about losing your mental capabilities. Your little mind continues to go at warp speed . . . right along with those autos zipping through the air.

  3. dr momi - Isn't that how it always is? Not a police car in sight until you just cannot stand poking along for one more second. Bam!

    Mama Pea - Yes, who are "they"? Our inquiring minds must know! My mind may still be deteriorating (as I found my glasses in the fridge yesterday) but, what's left is certainly active!

  4. Seems to me that there are people who just mutter words (like your aforementioned "Have a nice one") without even thinking about it. It's one thing to say it because you mean it & want to be nice, another to just spew it out because, well, just because. Whenever I go to the bank or to grocery store, I really try to say something like "Have a nice weekend" or whatever and smile and make that person feel like I mean it. Especially to those that are working....I know how much it sucks to be working at a job you don't really want to be at so I figured I can try to put out a genuine smile for them.

    Although as for your musings about what "One" means. Maybe it's just politically correct. You know, because weekends really may not be "weekends" for some people? Or that people just don't remember what time it is (morning, afternoon, evening, weekday, weekend??).

    Or maybe you're just thinking about it WAAAYYY too much. And your nuts.

  5. CR - Yes, because I am so perverse, the more sullen a person is to me, the perkier I am back. What!? Me think too much? Moi?

  6. Love your musings Susan, oh, and have a nice one!! :) ROTFLMAO!!

  7. Just found your lovely blog, and I'm a new follower ~ (You made me smile!) so nice to meet you!
    Anne ♥♥

  8. I think about flying cars every time I make that trek to Maine...either that or ones where you don't have to drive, just program it and off you go.
    I find these words must type to leave a comment harder and harder to it me?

  9. Candy - LOL!!!!

    Anne - Welcome! It's nice to meet you, too ~ I will zip over to meet you today!

    Sylvie - I bet you do. Ideally, I would like to be zapped from one place to another - but then I think of "The Fly" and go back to slow breathing. It's not you - they are getting more and more difficult to decifer. Apparently, the robots are getting smarter?

  10. Gosh you crack me up! I love your monday musings!