Friday, March 9, 2012

My Sweet/Tart Lemon Tree

I think I have been putting off featuring my amazing, beautiful, proficient Meyer Lemon tree on the off chance I jinx myself.  I was going to say that I'm not superstitious, but I iz.  So, with fingers, toes and eyes crossed, white pins in the Voodoo doll, and whistling in the dark, I present....


Lots of new leaves, buds, flowers, and little lemons!
There is nothing like the fragrance of lemon blossoms.
Notice the high-tech support system - baling twine.
When I first hefted her into the house at the end of summer, she lost a lot of leaves.  This always happens and always sends me into complete panic.  Then there is a dormant period which I refer to as the "semi-bald" period.  Then, all of a sudden (it seems), buds start to form, and lots of new green leaves shoot up.  I used to go around like a bumble bee and pollinate the flowers with my little bee brush.  But I didn't do it this year and there are lots of lemons forming.  If it is as good a crop as last year, there will be close to 30 full-size lemons on this one small tree. 

Since I have, up to this point, pretty much killed every potted plant I owned, I have lavished an amazing amount of attention, love, care, and mystical incantations over this plant.  It has it's own light.  I fertilize it with a special (read: $$$) organic fertilizer and use a moisture meter to be sure I don't over-water.  I have sufficiently threatened the cats so that they don't get any ideas, vis-a-vis the potting soil.  So far, so good.

Excuse me while I go find the salt shaker and toss about a pound over my shoulder.  Just in case.


  1. "Lemonie"...LOL! I don't think you have to worry about jinxing it by posting, I see lots of folks up north even are having great results with the Meyer Lemons. I'm always reading about how awesome they are and all the marmalade being made.. I NEED to get on this bandwagon, but the only sunny window I have is the kids room - maybe they won't mind just one more plant... hahahaha! It's beautiful Susan!

  2. All I can think now is "Lemon flower very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat."

  3. Erin - I do love the flavor of Meyer lemons - very sweet/tart. And I hope you're right about the jinx business. Tell Loch it's a science experiment...

    City Sister - Funny, I was humming that same song this morning as I was watering Lemonie. I only know one verse, though.

  4. I notice your lemon tree's name ends in an "-ee!" LOL!!
    What a beautiful tree and how lovely that you get lots of wonderful lemons!! I'm sooo jealous!!

  5. Golldang, no wonder your lemon tree does so well! It gets more attention than my husband does!

    It really is gorgeous so whatever time and energy (and, oh yeah, $$$) you put into it is worth it!

    Keep giving us progress reports on those little lemons, 'kay?

  6. Sooooo, now that I know a northerner can grow a lemon tree, I may just have to take a go at it. Although keeping the cats out if it may be a challenge.

  7. How tall do these get? Will they fit in a garden window or are they actually tree sized? Good luck with Miss LEmmaKnee. LOL

  8. Lemonie is beautiful! I'd say that is a great crop she gives you!

  9. How great is that! Lemons and a show.

  10. It's so pretty! I love mine, but hadn't thought to support it with bailing twine. I didn't realize about the dormant period either!

  11. Wow, that is one beautiful and spoiled tree! I think I need to fertilize mine - I add compost, but my visitors laugh that I only get 2-3 lemons. How rude of them! I bet nobody laughs at Lemonie ;)

  12. Let me tell you what does NOT smell so good. The special fertilizer I got for my lemon tree. My oh my, it is enough to choke a skunk. My lemons are about the size of my thumb nail and they better taste good because stinking my house up was not on the care label for the tree ;)