Thursday, March 8, 2012

Whoa, Nelly! Was that just Spring?

Yesterday it was downright balmy.  I wandered around in the muck feeling very, oh, let's call it 'fluffy'.  I heard my first red-winged blackbird, my personal heralder of Spring.  All the birds are in Spring mode and the trees are filled with little trills and burbles.  I caught Apria stretching and yawning in the sunshine.  The chipmunks are rampant.

Looking off the deck towards the sheep paddock.
Then, today, the wind started.  I tell you, it could blow the curl right out of your hair!  A cold front approacheth.  It seems that, this year, the changes are all sudden and violent.  Balmy day, followed by fierce winds and dropping temperatures, followed by fierce winds and rising temperatures.  Geezloueez.  I took my 'spring/summer' footwear out of the closet (ankle high Muck boots, as opposed to the mid-calf winter style) but, before I could slip them on, the melting snow was flash frozen into ice.  Again.  I donned my down vest, relishing the freedom of (at least) my arms, slipped on light work gloves, and was driven back into the house less than an hour later with ice cubes on my elbows and frozen fingers.  I appear to be a little over-anxious for Spring.

My Meyer Lemon tree is busting out all over with an abundance of new leaves, fragrant blossoms and little green lemons.  It is my symbol of hope.


  1. Ok, it seems that if even YOU can grow a lemon tree in the frozen tundra of the north that we would be able to. More info on your little citrus wonder in the near future, please?


  2. Wait, you said a lemon tree?
    I swear Mother Nature is at 'that age' and is going through menopause with ah hot day followed by chills the next. The wind had done approacheth here and my straight hair got frizzy ends.
    A delight as always reading your slice of life.

  3. This has been a particular bad year for wind already! I can not even imagine what April and May will be like. Oh well, who needs standing trees or upright buildings anyway.

  4. Brrrrr! I'm SO sick of the wind.. but can't complain because at least it's not as cold as you right now! I think I'm the only one left without a Meyer Lemon tree LOL, I keep meaning to get one, but it's been 4 years since I said that :)

  5. We've been having our share of the wind already too, it makes me cranky! :(
    I bet your little lemon tree smells heavenly!!

  6. Had ice floating on all the critters water troughs last 2 nights, woke up to the wind machines in the orange groves again this morning, but it is nice and warm and sunny right now.

  7. Do you know your description of your weather yesterday and today matches ours perfectly?! Even though today looked like it should be another day of balmy springtime (we even had sunshine!), that nasty wind made everyone around here reaching for more clothes, please.

    Yay for your little Meyer lemon tree! (I don't have one either, Erin.) :o(

  8. Same here in Boise- snowed a few days ago, today was almost 60! Your chickens are enjoying the sun too:)

  9. That WAS just spring ;) It's coming back, though, I'm certain of it!