Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Miscellany

After a cruel and sadistic Spring-like weekend, Ms. Hyde (aka Ma Nature) is gearing up to drop the Polar Vortex on us again.  All that's done so far is to turn the Little Lucky into an un-Olympic skating rink.  The natives are getting restless.

Thomasina continues to lay an egg every other day.  Now that I know he's a she, there were tons of clues that I missed.  She never tried to fly up in a tree.  She never developed a 'gobble'.  No carbuncle.  My overall egg count is up, but erratic - three eggs one day, 16 the next.  And my egg customer count has increased, so they are finally paying their own way.  For now.  Even my only child, Scrappy, gets a loosely scrambled egg every morning for breakfast.

Speaking of Scrappy, he seems to have settled in to only-child status.  He is even more tolerant of the Boyz.  I have decided to just spoil him rotten, take him everywhere with me (we had an exciting trip through the car wash on Saturday - he barked at all the machines) and wait until another dog finds us.  It is the best way to adopt, I think.  Unless I happen upon a dachshund that is.  Or a Scottish Deerhound.  Neither is likely, so he's safe for now.

Last night I finally made it up to the knitting group at the library.  As I sat with this nice group of women (including my sister from different parents, Melanie), I realized what a duck out of water I am.  In some circles.  The conversation was almost solely about children, childbirth, schools, colleges, anniversaries.  Thank goodness for Melanie, who threw in a reference I could grasp onto every once in a while.  It is very nice, sitting and knitting with people.  But I don't know that I will do it often.

I tried a new recipe that had been nibbling away at my subconsciousness for a while.  Unfortunately, it was better on paper than in the pan.  But it will be sustaining me through a week's worth of lunches.  Sigh.  I also made a batch of ricotta, a pound of butter from a surprise stash of frozen cream I discovered, a loaf of white sandwich type of breadish - I am in the mood for tuna fish salad, and made a gallon of chicken stock.  I also fell off the wagon - I had to stop in at the grocery to pick something up for my parents and ended up walking out with a cabbage.  I paid for it, of course.  And it was local.  Sigh. 

This week will be spent trying to get rid of the ice floe in my driveway before next Saturday, when my elderly neighbor is due for an early dinner.  And to keep myself intact.  I have been keeping my YakTraks permanently on my barn boots.  It went from deep snow to deep slush and then it froze.  Linden keeps limping away - I am waiting for a DVD I ordered on how to properly trim hooves and deal with problems.  With any luck, I will be able to tackle his gimpy foot this weekend.

I'm due to call my car dealer, as I have a list of 'problems' that Kyle has been disclosing as the weeks have passed.  The driver's side door locking mechanism unlocks but doesn't lock.  The passenger seat is broken.  The CD player doesn't work.  Other than that, it looks as if Kyle and I will be an item for quite awhile!

p.s.  Sorry for the moderated comments - I've had so much spam slip through that it's easier to knock it out all at once!  But, at least I did away with the verification! 


  1. I can relate to the duck out of water...I have bred and raised purebred cattle, farmed, ranched, been a Range Rider, and generally not walked the footsteps of a "Normal" woman. I took the road less traveled and would not have traded it for anything...but there is the odd time when I wish I had more to talk about with a group of women.
    It is nice to hear Scrappy is enjoying his only child status!
    Thank you for posting your daily adventures...I really enjoy them and can relate to a lot of them.
    God Bless and good luck with this next round of horrid weather!

  2. I can't believe you BOUGHT A CABBAGE! HOW COULD YOU???

  3. Geesh, if I had known you wanted a cabbage, I could have sent you one of mine. This is the longest we ever been able to keep cabbages, but alas and alack, they are finally starting to grow gray, fuzzy beards on the outer leaves and I have to peel away about 2-3 layers before coming to the good stuff.

    Here's hoping your car dealer with "make good" on the problems you've discovered about Kyle.

    We're back in the deep freeze, too, but I'll be we still have more snow on the ground than you. ;o}

  4. Scrappy sounds like he's in heaven:) Scrambled eggs no less!

  5. Love the musings this week, very eclectic! I wish I could get some reliable egg customers. One week they want eggs and then I don't hear from them for a month! Scrappy may find that he LIKES being an only child and getting all of your attention. I have been considering joining a quilting group but fear that I won't have anything in common with the other ladies either.

  6. In the year we"ve been here I've been trying out different groups. I'm being quite ruthless in a know thyself way. Ruled out some, enjoy one, deciding if I can compromise re the one fly in the ointment in another. I would love to talk to you about anything-you could also help me improve my knitting skills.

  7. I'd rather have the moderation than the numbers!! Try the group again. I feel the same way sometimes, but you just have to jump into the conversation and help it wander to other topics.