Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Seeds are going...going...gone! And pure randomness.

Thanks to everyone who contacted me for seeds.  I have removed the page and the remainder of the seeds are going to a local community garden - along with all the duplicate gardening tools I have managed to amass over the years.  I just cannot walk away from a perfectly good rake/hoe/shovel for a buck at a yard sale.  Just cannot. 

Thomasina has now laid a second egg.  In the chicken nesting box.  Out of self-defense, I have put in extra-thick wood shaving layers so that she does not mush the chicken eggs while she is shoe-horning herself into the box.  Of course, as expected, the chickens have taken over the larger one that I made especially for her.  Poultry is perverse.  Or is that redundant?

I am looking forward to a brief upswing in the temperatures.  We are forecast for one nice day - tomorrow - and then it's gloomy for the next five.  I miss my garden.  I miss my outdoor faucet.  I miss the sun.  On the upside, there is no lack of moisture (sorry to those folks suffering through massive droughts - wish I could send you some of our snow).  Even though the days are longer, I am not mustering up a whole lot of energy to get things done.  Relatively speaking, of course, as I tend to be an overdoer of things. 

Some 'funny' things - I am still not able to stomach coffee.  I have been a major coffee drinker all my adult life, but since the dreaded flu some weeks ago, I completely lost my taste for it and now only drink tea.  I keep trying but it tastes awful.  I am still trying to drive Kyle like I drove Lulabelle.  He does not shift like she did and we are still dosie-doeing around third gear.  Thank goodness he is patient, whereas I am not.

I've been trying to get a neighbor down off her hollow (why are they called hollows, when they go right up the sides of mountains?) but every time we plan an early supper, it snows.  And she is up in her 80s and neither one of us wants her to drive down her unpaved road in bad weather.  Maybe by May.

I finally finished (except for hemming) my pants-to-skirt project.  This has been languishing in my closet for months.  I will post a picture of it when the hem is done.  Maybe by May.

May is going to be a busy month.


  1. Enjoy your one day of decent temperatures tomorrow . . . who knows when another good one will come along!

    Think of the money you're saving not buying coffee now. Really makes you wonder what changed in your metabolism so that coffee tastes bad now. (You aren't pregnant, are you? Sorry, I just couldn't resist that one.)

    What are you doing with your turkey eggs?

    Looking forward to seeing this pants-to-skirt project. In May.

  2. Soooooo.....are you going to find a companion for Thomasina? Turkey poults are the cutest stinking thing in the poultry world.

  3. What a good thing to do with your seeds and tools. I just read an article about chickens being smarter than we think. They obviously have one up on Thomasina. Have a great time in the sunshine.

  4. Thank-you so much for the turnip seeds. Now that the "faucet" has turned on here, it will be too muddy to think about gardening for awhile, but I'll dream and salivate. (It also took me awhile to get used to my Jetta's shifting, and I still sometimes kill it!)

  5. I hope you enjoy your one day of nice weather and I can't wait to see all your finished May. ;)
    I'm having one of those days where I lack the ambition to do ANYTHING!