Friday, July 11, 2014

Harvest - Present and Future.

Thanks to the completion of my currant bush frame and nifty cover of well-used tobacco cloth , I was able to keep the birds from harvesting my currants for me this year.  I have both red and black bushes - the birds will clean the fruit from the red currant bushes faster than you can spit backwards over your shoulder.   They are not as fast at cleaning the black currants, but they are usually faster than I am.  On Tuesday after work, just barely before the daily thunderstorm dropped in on us, I made quick work of the bushes, thanks to my handy garden scissors.  The black currants are next - in between raindrops this weekend.

Just over two quarts!

A very lovely color for currants,
don't you think?
Also new to me are Marianne's Champagne Currants.  Leave it to M to have champagne colored currants.  Both were cleaned, rinsed and put into the freezer for processing on a non-humid day when I have more than two hours to work with them.  Say, November.

I am looking forward to the future harvest of my Meyer Lemon Tree and -- new to the LLF -- figs from Nigel, my fig tree!  (All two of them...)

Not the bumper crop of last year, but
I'll take it.

Isn't it cute!


  1. i got to eat a couple of my currants but the birds got most of them. i have the champagne currents too!

  2. Jaz - I just KNEW you would! They are really lovely - I am looking forward to making some currant jelly with both.

  3. Do the champagne currants have the same flavor as the red ones? At our last place in Illinoisland, many years ago, we had lots and lots of the red currants. I don't think I've ever heard of the black ones but I'll bet they made spectacular jelly. Congrats on out-witting the birds this year!

  4. Simply beautiful currants and figs lucky wench! We have no fruit bushes here but Ralph has found a source of Wild Blackberries and that is on our list to do this weekend!
    Oh here's a recipe that might be fun?

  5. When my mom was here she picked all of my white currants for me, but the reds are still waiting. I've never snipped off the fruited stems like that; might have to try it!

  6. Oh, now you've made me homesick for California. Meyer lemons and figs. Sigh. Where do you keep them in the winter? If I didn't have so many darn cats, I'd find a place inside for lots and lots of lots of potted citrus trees.

  7. Every time I see or read about currents , it reminds me of my mom. She LOVED them so.........
    Glad you got to get some.
    My blueberries are just about ready, and the birds are lined up on the fences waiting.
    I cover them now, but worry about when I am walking back to the house.
    Gang overthrow? I better bring "protection" (trusty flyswatter-LOL!)

  8. Susan,

    I would kill to have a meyer lemon tree. They say you can grow it inside but I don't have enough windows to give it that natural light it needs. I guess I could use a light, your thoughts?

    Nice looking currents, yes.....I would freeze them until it's cooler to can.