Wednesday, September 3, 2014


If it wasn't enough that I have a new driveway and soon-to-be-new-to-me garage, we have won a blue ribbon at the Fair!

Sorry for the lousy photo - I took this last night with a flash.
All plans to retake it this morning were scuttled, as all plans of mine
usually are...

Here she is, in all her glory.
She is trying to get Dotty (front left) and Kookie (front right)
to notice her 'bling' - her ankle bracelet.  They could care less.

DS Melanie's daughter actually won more than one blue ribbon at this year's County Fair.  My girl was the third wheel on her breeding set of Blue Laced Red Wyandottes. 

I have dreamed of winning blue ribbons at the fair for years - when I was young, someone on our street started a 4-H Club.  I was so thrilled.  Until I went to the first meeting.  It was all about the mother trying to force friends on her daughter.  There were no cows.  There were no chickens (well, I DID have a chicken for a while).  There were no goats, calves, pigs (other than Guinea which don't count in my little black book).  Nada.  I never went back.  Then I went to art school and forgot about county fairs.  I still may try to enter something in their jams and jellies category.  It ain't a Jersey, but it's still a ribbon!

Thank you, DS and DSD (daughter)!  We are so proud!


  1. Congrats on the Blue Ribbon. What did I miss? I can't figure out what it's for?
    I notice that Dottie is a Speckled Sussex - just got mine in the past week and wanted to ask if they gurgle-purr? They make the funniest noise. I took the first 2 back thinking they were sick & got 2 more from an inside pen 25 yards away and they do the same thing. It's so cute. Jan in NWGA

  2. Whoo hoo!! Now you need to make her a chicken coat and sew that ribbon on it so she can proudly wear it! Oh, and get chicken poop on it. Nevermind.

  3. Well, congrats to...what is the bling-wearing chickens' name? And to you, too. Deb

  4. OMG is right. How exciting. How about a sign at the bottom of the new driveway-Home of the prize winning chicken. I just love county fairs, spend most of my time in the barns.

  5. Now that's awesome, a blue ribbon chicken! Congrats!!

  6. Congrats to you (both!)
    And I agree--perhaps some jams or something would be a great idea to enter