Monday, September 15, 2014

What a beautiful sight.

My weekend goal was to finish the tomatoes.  Finito.  Over and out.  As I hefted the last of the diced tomatoes out of the canner, I did a happy dance.  Now the real challenge - going through the stock and sorting out the old from the new, the never-will-be-touched, from the eat-all-the-time.  I am gearing up for a challenge - to not set foot in a grocery store for a year.  To not buy anything but coffee, oil and grains for a year.  I imagine meals will get pretty interesting in the latter months of '15.

It turned out to be a perfect fall weekend.  Saturday was mostly rainy - fine for indoor work (of which there was plenty).  I picked up feed and stopped to walk with a couple of friends just before the rains started.   I did not do my overload of cooking this weekend, deciding to work on emptying the bushel baskets that were haunting me.  I did manage to check off a few of the to-dos on my list - clean out the small coop, laundry, clean the cat's room, vacuum.  While turning the sheep out into their weekend paddock, I happened to look to the far corner of the front fence.  That darned Linden.  I finally found where he had broken out - he took down the corner t-post, brace and reinforcement and squeezed his tubby body under the fence.  They were in confinement the rest of the weekend - and until further notice.  Until I get the time to repair the fence, that is.

As I sat down with a glass of kombucha, enjoying the end of the canning, my dog alarm went off and a friend stopped by with a large bag of plums.  Sigh.  As soon as the cherry tomatoes are out of the dehydrator, looks like plums are next up.

I still have to deal with the plethora of beets, kale, chard and my winter supply of applesauce.  Oh, right.  And the peppers.  Looks like I better keep the canner out.

Kramer took advantage of the empty planter and brief sunshine on Sunday.


Sue said...

That sounds like a wonderful challenge--I'd LOVE to avoid the grocery for a year---or a lifetime. Unfortunately, Dearest hubby likes his fruits FRESH and dairy and and and.
Me? I think I could do it. I'll be with you in spirit--I wish you the best.
And congrats on being done with the tomatoes. We got our first frost and it was with great pleasure that I tore the tomatoes out of the garden. Another season--_DONE.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh GOOD for you I am impressed but feel rather lazy I wish I lived closer I could come to visit and eat in 2015:) Hug B

Kristina said...

I'm slowly working on not shopping at a grocery store too, but I do need more fish and meat stocked up. I'm working on carrots and then potatoes, but it rained all day today.

melanie said...

Does being the emergency contact mean I am going to get periodic calls when you are desperate for store bought SOMETHING and too committed to go to Hannaford? I you know. Potato chips....chocolate.....cherry ice cream......hmmm?

Akannie said...

Good for you, Susan ! As you know, we just went through a version of this for about 3 months after the wreck when my husband couldn't work and we had no paycheck coming in. It was exhilarating to be able to feed us out of the pantry. I spent a total of 35 dollars and change during that time. I have canned more meat this year (chicken and pork) and have been a caning and dehydrating fool. My garden still isn't done, but it's getting close. I took a short stroll out there today...squash are ready to come in and cure. Sweet potatoes are ready to be dug. Carrots too. I'm pooped.

Fiona said...

Now thats something we long for....a full pantry of our own preserving. Only coffee..what about spices and salt...that sort of stuff?
Just curious. I know so much store food tastes so lackluster once you have your own system of preserving in the works! I used one of the last jars of commercial pasta sauce the other day and Ralph wrinkled up his nose and asked me what I had left out!
Tomato sauce is simmering as I type!

Carolyn said...

Glad that "most" of your canning is out of the way. Except for the plums, of course. And, well, everything else. My garden was a total flop this year, due to my slothness. Although I do still have some tomatoes out in the garden to want any?!?
Nice to see some kitty pictures :)

small farm girl said...

Love the sound of the one year challenge! One of these days, I hope to do the same thing!!!