Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The week that was...

wonderful.  After working myself into a frenzy to get everything ready (and cleaner) for my sister and parents, I set off for South Portland, Maine, early Friday morning.  I could not have asked for better weather.  In fact, I could say that Friday, Saturday and Sunday were the nicest weather in quite a long time.  Obviously, the stars and Universe aligned and took pity on me.  Kidding.

I am not going to bore you with the details of my short-but-sweet vacation, but here's the gist:

Wardrobe Infusion - I packed very light, knowing that we would be heading to the local Goodwill almost upon my arrival.  I was not disappointed, thanks to the almost supernatural talents toward winnowing out the best of the best by Sylvie.  I now have new khakis and five new tops.  That does not include the lovely scarf, jeans and shirts that I inherited from Sylvie's personal winnowing.  AND it does not include the great long sleeved tees that I got at my favorite discount, Maine-only department store - Reny's.  I LOVE Reny's.

My daily (almost) dose of Dog.  Hard to believe he is cuter in person.  A sweet-natured, adorable cuddler.  Cosmos is the adopted dog of Sylvie's daughter, Julie and family.  Lucky dog.  Lucky family.  A better match couldn't have been made in, well, the Cosmos!

Views, saltwater, sea air, ship traffic, clear skies, picturesque walks (did I mention the weather was glorious?).

The lighthouse at Fort Williams Park in
Cape Elizabeth.
Off the coast - looking towards the harbor.

Empty freighter making its way back
out to sea - I lost the bet as to how long it
would take to reach us.

The ruins of the mansion on Fort Lee.

Close up.
Bug Light - my favorite Portland

Two giant ocean liners in port.
Great food!  And great Drink!  And even greater Conversation!

Jim, preparing the best crab cakes I have
ever eaten!

I capped the trip off with a quick in/and/out visit to Portland's Trader Joe's.  It was perfection.


  1. Nice photos. And those crab-cakes look delish. Thanks for taking us along.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! The weather looks like it was absolutely amazing! And, a trip to Trader Joe's if you don't have one near you is a great way to cap off your trip. Such a great store! :-)

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Beautiful scenery too.

  4. Glad you had fun, and thanks for sharing pictures with us!

  5. Susan,

    A well deserved vacay for you girl!!! It's gorgeous up there. I love the water and the lighthouse. The winters up there would be a bit to cold for me, lol.....
    You found some really awesome clothing, had great food, and enjoyed great company ......what more can a girl ask for?

    I bet your critters were happy when you returned home.

  6. glad you had a good weekend! i love portland and it has been too long since i was there. i wish i could still get teddy in the car.

  7. Ahh Thank you for sharing your vacation! The photo's are awesome! You needed this time away!

  8. Glad the weather cooperated so well for your weekend! I should have sent you a list of items for me when you went clothes shopping. (Something I hate to do, but right now I'm soooo needy!)

    Beautiful scenery! What's the story on the mansion on Fort Lee?

  9. Weather looks perfect blue skies, deep blue ocean.

  10. Always wanted to see Maine, someday. Love the lighthouses, I've seen some in Oregon. LOVE T.J.'s !!!

  11. Sounds and looks just perfect and you indeed needed that. Hug B

  12. Sounds lovely, but did you bring your sister and parents back with you, or did they farm-sit?

  13. Oh, it does sound like you had a lovely weekend. Good for you.