Monday, March 13, 2017


That was one of the shortest weekends on record.  Short because it was FUN!

Friday night, I hightailed it home (with a quick stop for a couple bottles of bubbly) to do a rapid round of chores and put the chicken in the oven in anticipation of my youngest sister's arrival.  You will note that I got a picture of my youngest sis (Auntie Baby) but not our dinner. 

We had a fab meal of stuffed chicken breasts with brie and asparagus, with a side of sweet potato fries and bubbly.  Joy!  The dogs were thrilled that their Auntie Baby was there just for them!  In my house, you are escorted everywhere.  Everywhere.  I had to put The Pepperoni in his crate so that he would not throw himself, prostrate, across her doorstep.

The next morning, Cynthia was on her way north to stay with our parents.  That meant that Auntie Connie could come stay with us!  She arrived with treats for the dogs and a Maple Latte for me!  And, before you ask, no.  No, you cannot have either of my sisters.  They are mine, all mine.  Another fab meal (and another bottle of bubbly - I suffer so...) and off we went to hear an English folk musician at a local theater.  You will not that this time I have a picture of the food and not the sister!  Ack!  Next time (and - more joy - there will be a next time, because we are going back to the little local theater for another musical event in April!) 

The leftovers

This was one of the easiest and most delish things I've made in a while.  The beans were from my garden (frozen) and were slightly blanched.  The lemon zest made all the difference.  We had a wonderful visit and Bertie was entirely smitten.  If she was sitting, he was leaning against her.  If she was standing, more leaning.  Walking?  Two steps behind.  The Pepperoni was miffed.

Not much was done outside, as the temperatures were in the single digits and the wind made the wind chill brutal.  I was forced to make custard.  Snort.

And wind another skein of yarn so that I can finish my tree trunk gaiters.  This was done using the lazy-woman method of ball winding.

We were pretty sad to see everyone go, though, as there was so much great conversation, laughter and music.  I had a late breakfast Sunday and caught up on a little reading and knitting before forcing myself to go out and feed the farm cats.

Breakfast reading

The dogs enjoyed the sun (on the inside) and I got caught up with laundry, thought about ironing, made my week's menu plan, vacuumed and swept, did more knitting, did a little straightening of the back room (before running out of it in terror), and contemplated my fig tree.  And wondered whether I will be able to get it out of the door in the spring.

Lovey guards Bertie's head.

Holey Moley

Too bad I didn't finish those gaiters.  We are forecast to get over a foot and a half of snow tomorrow and Wednesday.  I made sure I could get my hands on the roof rake and have 150# of poultry feed to unload when I get home.


  1. Glad you had such a fun weekend! Good company, good food and good bubbly will do that!

  2. By late breakfast you mean dawn instead of pre dawn?

  3. A foot and a half of snow? Oh you poor woman...I'll take my hair freezing over shoveling any day, really! I hate when I'm forced to drink bubbly and make custard... :) I still have that chicken Brie recipe on my's now in my "for next meal cycle" list because we LOVE Brie and the asparagus is so yummy this time of year! Your dogs are ADORABLE. I'm so happy you had a nice time with your sisters! Lovely blog post Susan!!! :)

  4. Wow, that WAS fast! At least it seemed so from here because your "to-do" and "did-do" lists were so much shorter than usual; good for you. :-D

  5. What a great weekend! I have 2 younger sisters and I love it when they visit, I wish it was more often.

  6. you are so lucky to have nice sisters! i hope we get some of that snow. we might only get a few inches. damn!

  7. Aw, so glad you had such a nice weekend. It sounded as though even your Sunday was a little laid back. Keep us posted as to how the snow goes for you in the next two days. We'll expect hour to hour reports. I assume you'll be heading into work tomorrow. Just make sure you make it back home before it gets too bad. And that fig tree! Talk about healthy and . . . and . . . BIG!

  8. You have some wonderful sisters. Sounds like you all had a ton of fun.

  9. Sounds like a great weekend. The custard looks delish! Stay warm...

  10. Susan,

    Time flies when were off for the weekend. It flies faster when were having fun with our siblings. Forced to make custard!!!! That's not fair, we want some too!!!