Friday, March 10, 2017

Look out! Momma's been in the kitchen, cookin'!

It's amazing how much you can get done when you are up at 3A.  And it doesn't always involve knitting...

The third rendition of What-We're-Having-For-Dinner-Friday:

This is a special weekend - I am being tag-teamed by both my sisters!  Tonight my youngest sis arrives from NYC on her way up to Vermont for Parent Duty.  As is always the case, she rented a car and the forecast is for 5-6" of snow.  It is mostly south of us, so she will have the advantage of driving in daylight, but that's about all the advantage she will have.  I had originally decided on spinach quiche for dinner, because I could make it ahead of time and then just put it in the oven when I got home.  Then that was swapped fjor salmon patties, spinach and sweet potato fries, when I discovered four salmon patties in the freezer.  THEN, this came across my email and there was no looking back.  That was why I was to be found at 3:30A, blanching asparagus and pounding chicken breasts.  I did not have red pepper and completely forgot to brown one side of the chicken (it was the crap of dawn, after all and I only had half a cup of coffee down my gullet, to boot), but I will quickly brown the rolls in butter/OO in a cast iron frying pan with some frozen chopped peppers when I get home, then throw the whole shooting match in the oven.

If that wasn't enough, I happened to glance down at the previous offering on the Proud Italian Cook site and ZOWIE!  Dinner on Saturday night with my younger sister!  Oh, baby.  I did have to pick up the prosciutto, but had everything else.  My sis is bringing the cod.  It was a tough morning for the dogs, who are chow hounds anyway and not used to all this activity so early.  I was wading through churning, furry forms until I started to pound the chicken.  I then had the kitchen to myself.

Notice how I did NOT spend my extra time cleaning the house....priorities, you know.  If I have my wits (and camera) about me, I will take some pics of the finished products and of my lovely, wonderful sisters.  And dogs, of course.  Maybe a cat or two.


Rain said...

Oh....I like, I like!!! This is going on my list for "ideas for next meal cycle"!!! Please take pics if you remember!! Prosciutto-wrapped ANYTHING is a good bet!!! Enjoy your fun time!!! :)

jaz@octoberfarm said...


sounds like a fun weekend! welcome to my wake up time!

Sandy Livesay said...

Up at 3 AM and you've accomplished all kinds of stuff at your place and you really feel good after doing it. I love working that early in the morning however, it's very hard in this rental home.....the wood floor make all kinds of noise. I tiptoe and it's still real loud!!! And my guys are sleeping therefore, not much gets done early in the morning at my place.

Your helpers (aka: supervisors) were waiting to make sure you didn't drop anything in the kitchen while making dinner. It's so funny how aware our dogs can be when it involves food. OMG....that chicken with asparagus sounds wonderful.....I think you're going to have more than your sisters visiting you :-) Your blogger friends will be heading your way this weekend :-)

Have an amazing weekend!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Mmmmm, that chicken will be nice!

Mama Pea said...

Where can I meet you, Sandy, so we can car pool the rest of the way?? ;o)

Lucky, lucky sisters you have, m'dear.

When you first mentioned pounding the chicken, I had visions of the dogs at your feet asking each other, "What's Mom doing with that good smelling meat? She must be making it into small pieces for us, right?" You must have been really whacking it for them to head for the hills!

Please do take pictures. I'd love to see the three of you sisters together.

Theresa Y said...

Boy, that looks pretty tasty. Let us know how it come out.