Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Well, that was fun.


And those were taken when you could actually see something other than snow blowing horizontally across the window.

I decided to only shovel when there was a foot of snow. I shoveled twice yesterday and then woke up this morning to this.

Yes, another foot.

It was not all shoveling.  There was also therapeutic knitting and dog biscuit baking.

I am now going out to dig out the sheep, chickens and ducks.  See you in the Spring....


  1. Wow, you got hammered alright! Enjoy the shoveling!

  2. Oh, how I wish we could come help you! We usually get our most snowfall in March, but here we are at the middle of the month and . . . none Our relatively snowless winter continues. Still cool but we have had lots of sunshine the last week and our snow cover is melting a little every day. I guess our high winds all winter have succeeded in blowing all of the snow on you. Again, wish we were there to help. We could make it a party . . . with dog biscuit treats. For the dogs, I mean. Is the forecast for temps that will melt all this for you?

  3. Well, at least it's a "home" day – right?

  4. i would like to have a little shoveling to do. it missed us completely!

  5. Dang! Don't you wish there were heat lamps built into those snow shovels? I don't know how you do it!

  6. You guys really got slammed. It was cold here and we have snow to shovel, but nothing like that! Stay warm...

  7. Oh my gosh Susan!!! I woke up to that too and gave up on the shoveling lol...but we do have to get to it eventually before the freezing rain on Saturday. The last thing I want is a two foot high ice rink surrounding the car! I guess this has to be expected every March, see you in spring :)

  8. Susan,

    Can you imagine how much more snow you would have to shovel if you didn't shovel twice the day before. Stay warm, and don't over do it with shoveling.

  9. I love your blog name! Doesn't get any better than on the farm!