Friday, March 3, 2017

Handy Little Gadgets

Last Sunday, my dinner guests brought me:  firewood, homemade goat cheese, kombucha and the most amazing little gadget.  I may need to have people over for dinner more often...

I am absolutely smitten with this little gadget

Not only is it ingenious, but it is so useful!  I immediately went out and got a second one - and my other dinner guest ordered two as well!

The packaging is refreshingly simple and completely recyclable.

You inflate it by blowing into the valve at the bottom/top, and charge up the solar cell on the top (actually bottom).  Then, when you need it, you turn it on by pressing a little button on the top/bottom, flip it over and Bob's yer uncle!  My friend has worked out a solution on the one sticking point - the 'on' button is flush with the surface and - in a power outage where, not surprisingly, it is dark, it's difficult to find the button.  She put a tiny piece of cellophane tape on it.  Brilliant!  Of course, I want to be able to have the light both shine up and down, depending on my mood.  And the level of calm I have reached using wine for medicinal I am still trying to find a way of getting the valve to push up into the cylinder so it will sit flat.

Valve thingy to the left.  Little lights on top/bottom.
In techspeak, of course.
I got to use it the next day when, inexplicably, the power went out.  Thank goodness it was only for a short time.  I have yet to put it to the test of a sizable outage.  However, they remind me of little fairy lights and I might use them out on the deck this summer.  When I'm in a fairy-like mood.


  1. Look at that! I've never seen something like that before, that is very handy! We need to move more towards solar powered everything don't we? We get a lot of power outages here too and we still use candles for lighting, but that is something neat. I think they'd be nice on the deck too, I'm usually in a fairy-like mood :)

  2. Feel free to call me a dummy . . . but I don't get it. I'm sure your explanation was spot on, and it's just me. I will go research it and see if the light will dawn on me. (Pun intended.)

  3. Where did your friend get it, looks like alien technology to me. I hope they don't come and ask for it back.

  4. I've seen those lights. I just haven't bought one. How neat that is.

  5. Susan, every time I add your blog to my reading list, blogger removes it. I can't figure it out.