Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stress busters.

There are as many ways to deal with stress as there are stressed people.  I have tried many methods over the years, from the not-quite-legal (I grew up in the 60s and 70s - need I say more?), to the ethereal (meditation, yoga, breathing), to the physical - jogging (70s version of running), walking, mad-girl volleyball.  These days, my favorite method of dealing with stress, besides the occasional vodka and tonic, is knitting.  I can and do knit all year long.  As the temperatures rise, I move from wool to cotton or linen.  As the temperatures fall, I move from lace weight to worsted.  I love to knit.  I am a fairly skilled knitter, although I pale in the company of my friends Kayten and Melanie.  My mother knits socks and taught me.  I learn best by watching and doing, rather than by reading.  I usually have at least three projects on the needles - one is a new, more complicated (for me) pattern; one is not quite as complicated and familiar to me; and one is always a dishcloth.
This is a representative set - winners will be surprised!
Since it has been a fairly stressful summer so far, I have a plethora of dishcloths.  In honor of my Summer of Stress (;o), I have decided to hold a drawing for two sets of two dishcloths.  Two lucky readers will each win a pair of dishcloths.  All four dishcloths were knit with 100% cotton/recycled cotton by yours truly.  This should be fun - unless you view dishcloths as some view zucchini.  "Oh my god, not more dishcloths!"  In order to enter the drawing, just leave a comment with your favorite stress-busting method.  The cut-off date is this Thursday.  Scrappy the Super Dog will be selecting the winners, and those winners will be announced on Friday.  Don't worry - he's completely impartial!  Good luck!


  1. Too funny. I also knit dishcloths and face cloths for stress relief. My sister (who is ill) crochets dishcloths.
    There are always needles and yarn in my handbag for mindless knitting. I figure it is better than biting my nails as some do ... and much more productive!

    Hope you are healing well.

  2. Oh Scrappy, pick me, pick me! My stress busters are either my clawfoot tub filled with bubbles or cuddling up to watch a Jane Austen movie. For mega stress, both!

  3. Penny, I LOVE mindless knitting. That's the best kind I do... I would love to learn how to crochet. Maybe I'll add that to this winter's list!

    Kim, (heehee) I will pass on your message to Scrappy. I would love a clawfoot tub - to me, that's the only kind to have. I am trying to envision the pure heaven of watching a Jane Austen movie whilst soaking in a bubble bath. The mind boggles!

  4. Oh, I don't have a tv in the bathroom although that would have been an idea! I meant first the soak and then the flick. And by the way, crocheting is easy & fun. If Scrappy doesn't pick me, I might have to crochet some dishcloths. I've never made them before. And for a price savvy & perfect clawfoot tub, go to It's the best thing I have ever bought!

  5. You can have too many dishcloths?? Not the way I go through them. And I don't even discard them as soon as I should. Sometimes I'm embarrassed when I really look at them and see how stained and holey they are. Tell Scrappy the Super Dog I will take very good care of the handmade ones should I be lucky enough to win a couple.

    Stress reliever for me? Getting into bed early and reading as long as I want . . . which must work because I rarely make it past one or two pages. :o)

  6. OK, I am NOT entering the drawing...because I can always beg and get my set of dishcloths (of this I am pretty confident...) but my current stress-buster is 5 Minute Ice Cream...5 Minutes to make and about 5 minutes to eat it all. Curse you!

  7. Mama Pea, I do the same thing with mine - use the same ones over and over. When they're totally disreputable, I move them into the rag pile. I have quite a rag pile...

    Melanie, heeheeheehee. Curse me all you want - good, ain't it?

  8. YOU have quite a rag pile!? You should see mine! And the funny thing is even though I save all these beat-up dish cloths, when I go for a rag, I always want something just a little bit bigger, thank you very much. :o)