Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Channeling a Depression Era Farmwife.

During a recent conversation with friends, the subject of my incessant canning came up.  It went something like this:

S:  "Where did that bushel of tomatoes in your kitchen come from?"
Me:  "From Moses Farm - I'm canning sauce, salsa and tomatoes."
J:  "Don't you have a bunch of tomatoes in your own garden?"
Me:  "Yes."
S:  "So, how much do you have left from the last four years of canning?"
Me:  "Um.  A lot."
J:  "And, how large is this family you're feeding?"
Me:  "Um.  One."
S&J (in unison):  "So why the heck are you canning everything in sight until all hours of the night?"
Me:  "I'm channeling a Depression Era farmwife."

Makes perfect sense to me.


  1. I say you go, girl! It's better than money in the bank!! It's not just Boy Scouts who need to be prepared.

  2. LOL! With my husband deployed, I get blank stares from my vegetable-hating children, I know they're thinking the same thing looking at the jars everywhere. (Little do they know I sneak it into all kinds of stuff secretly)!

  3. Mama Pea - Yes Ma'am! I will be ready for anything. I am never NOT prepared, as it seems to be in my genes. I could think of worse conditions...

    Erin - Isn't it interesting how, if vegetable "haters" don't know they're eating it, they think it's delicious?

  4. My boyfriend is wondering the same thing right now. "You bought more tomatoes, don't you have tomatoes in the garden? Why do you need MORE?" I'll have to use the "channeling depression era farmwife" line.

  5. Kaytee - I say YES to more tomatoes! How can they argue 'channeling'?