Monday, September 13, 2010

The Price of Procrastination

My procrastination tendencies seem to relate to three basic things:  cleaning my oven; filing; cleaning out my chicken coop.  While not cleaning my oven (except right before the holiday season) can lead to some interesting environmental conditions in my kitchen, the chicken coop becomes downright disgusting.  Ideally, I should clean it out in the spring and in the fall.  But 'ideally' always escapes me.  What you see above is the "after".  I was going to take a "before", but was afraid I'd be raided by the PFBCLC (People for Better Chicken Living Conditions).  Besides, I couldn't stand in there long enough to focus the camera.  Okay, it wasn't THAT bad, but it was bad.  The price for this bit of procrastination?  4 hours, over two days, hauling 6 huge wheelbarrow-loads of chicken poop, to a 'special' compost pile waaaaaay around the house and down the back.  At least I am getting smarter - the last two times, I not only procrastinated but got lazy and dumped the results in a pile outside of the gate.  I think I do not need to describe to those of you with chickens the odorous results of rain and heat on a large pile of non-composted chicken manure.  In the end the results were so nice that I had to take a picture.  I should probably stick this on the fridge for reference this spring -- whaddaya think?


  1. One of those jobs that always feels soooo good . . . when it's done!

  2. Not my favorite job! Last time I cleaned out the girls dorm, I wore a bandana to cover my hair, a dust mask, safety glasses, and rubber gloves. I'm glad I didn't have any visitors that morning while I was shoveling the poo.