Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shearing and other hysteria.

Bartie as a Dalmatian puppy.

The Boyz on hairy rug.

Juno, Freyda and Flora "After".

Flora's sweet mug.

Lots going on around here, as you can see.  And lots you can't see.  Because I didn't have a functioning data card in my camera :o(  The shearer came on Friday, and Bartie, who had been hale and hearty up until the time he was plopped on his tiny butt, started wheezing up a storm.  That meant a call to the vet and much wringing of hands and waiting.  The rest of the fat girls were fine.  Hoosier hummed a worried tune throughout the procedure.

I spent a very fun day at the Southern Adirondack Sheep & Wool Fest with M in her booth, helping her sell her awesome hand-dyed yarn.  Actually, I didn't have to do much except collect money, as the yarn sold itself - it flew off the shelf.  The trip also allowed me to stop at the vet to pick up some penicillin for the laddie.  As I was loathe to have to stick his little body with needles twice a day for ten days, I opted to keep him separate, worm him again, give him some mega-nutrients and keep my eye on him.  His temperature is normal and he hasn't wheezed, so my fingers are crossed.

I got some beautiful mohair blend yarn for a shawl for moi.  I like the concept of a shawl that ties in the back - no slipping off your shoulders or interfering with what you're doing.  It's also an easy pattern that even I will be able to follow.  There's nothing like a sheep & wool festival to get you into the fall spirit!  I am happy to be back knitting.

Today's forecast is for 2-4 inches of rain.  We need the rain - but it would have been nice to have it spread out over more than a day.  There's also a high wind warning, so I was out with my entire stock of bungee cords this morning.  The lattice house roof tarp now has 25 bungee cords holding it every which way.  Let's hope it holds, or it could get very exciting for the un-exciting meat chickens housed therein.


  1. My husband and I are constantly grunting, groaning, stressing and exerting to do a task (together) and asking each other, "How do those Norwegian bachelor farmers do it?"

    So my question: How do you manage to do all you seem to do while running the homestead by yourself?

  2. Mama Pea, I live my life on two basic principles: 1. Ignorance is Bliss, and 2. Six Hours of Sleep is Enough.

  3. You go, Girl! It sure seems to be working for you. :o)