Monday, October 4, 2010

I am an All-Day Sucker.

I was going to go into confessional mode, 'fessing up to being a real sucker.  Then I realized that just plain "sucker" wasn't strong enough.  No, siree.  I am a gen-u-ine, dyed in the wool, all-day-and-then-some sucker.  Animal rescue people can see me coming a mile away.  Case in point:
The Boyz.
I would love to have better pictures, but they move too fast.  It started out innocently enough.  Cookie is now the size of a 5 gallon cookie jar.  He has no one to play with.  He sits around and eats.  I thought it would be nice to get him a youngish brother or sister.  A cat of his own.  Once on the phone with the rescue group, however, it got totally out of hand.  What started as a quest for a 2 y/o male or female cat, ended with me bringing home Kramer and Slim - both under a year old.  It has been a long time since I've had kittens, and I'm feeling like a grandmother who is faced with raising her toddler grandkids.  Jiminy Christmas!  We're all tiptoe-ing around with our hair standing on end.  Trying to find something positive about this (and there are many positive things about kittens), I am now forced to focus and pay more attention to my surroundings:  "Is there something loose on the counter?"  "Did I put all the food in the fridge?"  I am also laughing more.

Interestingly enough, all Cookie does is hiss at them.  Bernie is stoically taking on yet more cats (Kramer is very friendly and likes her); Scrappy has peed twice in the house; Tippet looked at me and squinted, then turned her back on them.  She doesn't mind them if they don't bother her while she's eating, sleeping, or walking across the floor.  They're growing on me.  Almost literally.


Erin said...

"A cat of his own" LMAO!!!!! I felt bad for our old Aussie rescue so I thought the same thing, let's get HER a pet LOL. The rescue knew a sucker and they had the nerve to send me a PHOTO of a puppy after they already knew I preferred older dogs. When we saw her we knew why they sent the photo - along with Australian Shepherd she is half Jack Russell LOL what a goofy dog but we love her just the same. Although whenever we introduce her we do it as the other dogs "pet", we don't want to take responsibililty for choosing her brand of chaos.

Mama Pea said...

I just had to giggle reading your post. I can just imagine the circus currently going on at your house. (But wouldn't it seem totally dead without them all??)

Susan said...

Erin - yes, I managed to rationalize the entire mess by blaming it on Cookie. Poor old Holstein.

Mama Pea - yes, we will all be dead soon - from exhaustion. Poor Bernie is a nervous wreck. I'm hoping everyone settles down within reason soon, or I will have to send them back out of fear for our sanity.