Sunday, October 31, 2010

Maybe, if I close my eyes....

then open them, all that white stuff will be gone!  Every year, winter sneaks up on me and takes me by surprise.  I know it's coming and, in a perverse way, I look forward to it.  But, then it is here and I am shocked!  At least I'm consistent.  I have a pretty good headstart on winter-readiness, but there is still a BIG LIST.  The small comfort I had taken knowing that next weekend was pretty much free, was dissolved after a call from my Icelandic breeder friends in Dansville.  I am now having overnight company from Friday night through Sunday night.  Whee-haw!

p.s.  Anyone know what kind of pumpkin/squash that big, warty thing is?


  1. Oh NO! It can't be snow already! No offense, but you just keep that snow there! We don't want any yet! :)

  2. How come you got snow before we did? We're farther north!

    Hubby and I were just saying a couple of minutes ago what a lovely, long fall we've had this year. And that we think even if fall lasted until January 1st, we still wouldn't have our fall chores done when winter hit. We must be lazy. That's the only explanation.

  3. When did this happen? Where was I??? No snow here!

  4. Those pumpkins are beautiful!

  5. I even closed my eyes for 6 hours (while I was sleeping...) and it was STILL THERE this morning! I am NOT READY. Melanie - I think we are in a *special* place here - all of 20 minutes away from you. APG - because I like you, I will not send you my snow ;o). Erin, I love the different pumpkins. I know two of them are Cinderella pumpkins, but I don't know what the big, warty one is. It has got to weigh over 15 pounds!