Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tearing Down and Building Up.

So far, this has been a very productive *vacation*.  M and her husband came early on Labor Day morning to move out the quail condo.  M is now raising them and likes them.  I say it's because they are not right outside of her bedroom window.  That cleared out the run area of the A-frame chicken-duck-meatbird pen.  Then I guilted them into helping me move the HEAVY small coop across the yard and into the rabbits' area.  This involved engineering, patience, many breaks, heavy-lifting, and my groveling.  In the top photo, the area to the right is where the small coop used to be.  It is now within the fenced area to the left.  It's looking a little less like the slums of Tandoori.  The Barnevelders (in the small coop) had quite an exciting journey, closed up in their house, across the tundra of my back yard.  They were a little confused that night - it was their coop, but it was in an alien land, so they didn't dare go inside.  Luckily, they are mild-mannered chickens and I was able to scoop them up and put them back inside, safe and sound.  Now that things are consolidated, my evening chores are a breeze!


  1. "slums of Tandoori"... LMAO! It's poultry, that's how it should look! Wow I bet there are some sore muscles involved in this "vacation" - good job!

  2. I tell ya, you think you're raising intelligent animals and then they act downright stoopid! We notice that all the time. You change the routine or move a small building and you would think it's the end of their world. (Luckily, they seem to adapt faster than we humans do. Ahem.)

    Doesn't change to make things better feel good? Then we wonder why we didn't do it sooner!

  3. Erin - I think I spent too much time in my prior life reading Living magazine. I envision barn sided exteriors painted in tasteful pastels, with window boxes and matching chickens. My results are always, well, more reality-driven.

    Mama Pea - stoopid chickens were my so-called white slow-growing roasters. In almost four months, they NEVER went into their enclosure at night. Always, always on top of it, where I'd have to grab them by the ankles and move them inside. I was not sorry to see them go...