Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And, winter ends when?

Cabin fever is starting to set in after only two days iced in!  Yesterday's ice/snow/sleet left a thick, slippery layer of ice on the roads.  The fact that the temperature is in the low 30s has exacerbated the slippery-ness of all flat and sloping surfaces.  But, it has allowed me to use my outdoor frozen non-freezing faucets!  Which, in turn, has made three ducks very happy.  Alfie (the drake) has been an absolute filty mess, with Grendal a close second.  Puff always seems to look neat.  I filled up their little tub and within minutes, Alfie was splashing and rinsing and preening.  It's futile to hope that they can figure out that sleeping UNDER the chicken roost is not the best decision for keeping one's feathers clean.

Being determined to go into the office this morning, I pulled on office apparel, packed my lunch, passed out guilt treats and scraped the ice off my car.  It started right up (good, good, car), then the driver's door wouldn't close.  This has happened before but I never remember what to do about it, other than call my "car" friends.  My farmer/neighbor drove down and sprayed some silicon on it and got it working again, then mentioned something about the state of my mental health in wanting to drive over the mountain into the city.  I decided to stay home.

So, here we sit.  I have been working remotely from home, although they are not keen on someone of my (ahem) lack of caliber using their remote system.  I squeezed in all the work I could do in my alloted two hours and now, with time hanging heavy in the air, I feel I am destined to clean that damn closet.  The same one I was supposed to clean out yesterday with all my free time, you ask?  One and the same.  Yesterday, my friend Marianne drove down in the sleet to visit, saving me from the dreaded job.  Of course, she was fleeing her post-holiday house mess.  It worked for us! 

The snow is finally letting up - it's been coming down steadily since 5am and the temperatures are supposed to plummet soon.  They are forecasting a new storm is headed our way on Friday.  Sigh, I hear my closet calling me.  Gotta go!


  1. You are much braver than me to go over a mountain in the weather you are having. As for your closet...invite your friend back over and have her help you with this closet. It's easier when you have an extra pair of hands to help you out..
    We had the snow here in Iowa followed with the rain/ice.. What a mess..and it was frighting to be on the road..I never fear about my driving I'm always worried what the other guy is going to do..
    Have a great day..ta ta for now...from Iowa

  2. Okay, we gotta get you shaped up here. Put on some good peppy, music, make yourself a nice, warm drink (preferrably withOUT alcohol so early in the day) and don't even think about it . . . just go attack that closet! You KNOW you will feel sooo good when it's done and you will be so proud of yourself for having made good use of your enforced day off. How 'bout before and after pictures for us? Then after that, put something yummy in the oven so your house is full of good smells. Then invite all of us over.

  3. I think MamaPea is onto something here. I have been considering 'kicking' myself in the same fashion. But it's just soooooo easy to press "Ignore". Especially when we all seem to be hanging out under that same roost that your little duckies are :)

  4. "Lack of caliber".... LOL! I'm glad you decided to work from home, that ice is no fun at all and very dangerous. Hope you get some closet cleaning done while you fight cabin fever!

  5. The next time you are at home and don't call me down for a fiber day...your a-- is grass! (If you can remember what THAT is...rumored to be some sort of green stuff that is found in the warmer weather..)

  6. Green? Who can remember what green looks like? Melanie, I didn't want anyone on the road in that weather. Of course, as we know, there's no holding Marianne down...