Monday, January 10, 2011

My Winter Life Saver.

Besides the one-piece Carhart thermal jumpsuit (the HEIGHT of fashion for any homesteader worth their salt), my headlamp, my fleece-lined mittens and my Muck boots, there is one piece of equipment that is my make-it or break-it tool for winter.  Without it I am a sniveling, wimpering piece of flotsam.  Really. 


Ta-da!  My hand-me-down plastic sled!  I use it for (but not limited to) hauling hay, water buckets, rabbit manure buckets, feed bags, sheep blocks, groceries, shavings, llama 'beans', and dog food.  This is my second sled since I moved here - almost five years ago!!!   My old sled was held together with duct tape which created drag and it had a MUCH longer pull rope which was very problematic.  Mind you, it took tripping over that gosh darn rope more than ten times - with sometimes dire consequences - before I managed to shorten it.  This sled has the perfect length of rope for pulling and has not let me down, or tripped me up once this year.  Plus, it matches my barn jacket!  Now that's what I call a useful accessory.


  1. I love the sled! I was using my mom's back home to pull our luggage from the car to the house! And Carharts = love!

  2. Now all you need is a 4wheeler to hook it up to and you are golden! Oh wait, if it's exercise you want, scratch that...nah! keep that thought! ;)

  3. Looks like fun and a true multi-purpose tool!

  4. Erin - it is just the handiest thing ever! I keep it under cover and clean it every day because I am too cheap to even think about spending the $10 for a new one...

    APG - I am SUCH a gadget person - I would love to jump on a 4 wheeler and tear-a** around my place!

    HJ&F - It can be a fun tool, too -- if I had any time for fun, that is.

  5. We use ours to haul wood for bonfires in the winter. Gotta love those plastic sleds!

  6. I don't know anybody up here who doesn't have one (or three!) of those sleds. Every winter all of the gas stations/convenience stores have them lined up outside for sale.