Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Deja Vu. All Over Again.

I knew it was coming - the tantalizing mixture of two big storms meeting over my house.  Well, more or less over my house.  And thanks to the 1AM call from the automatic alert system (so thoughtfully made by the company I work for) to let me know our office's opening would be delayed, I was up at 3 AM and able to keep an area around the doors cleared out so I wouldn't be captured in my house.  So, for all of you who wish you had snow, I give you pictures of my morning.  I am gearing up for the second round of shoveling after a bowl of oatmeal and 12 cups of coffee.  May the force be with me...

Back view.

Front view.


  1. Good luck! I wonder if your work will be cancelled instead of delayed. I dont think people should be out on the roads there.

  2. Ok Susan, saw all that snow and had to giggle just a poor thing! I think you will need more than 12 cups of coffee!

    Please DO be careful. Shoveling is very hard work. Don't over do it.

    Sending you warm thoughts and muscles!

  3. What beautiful snow and pictures. I love it when it snows like this..sure things slow down a little but in now time things are running back to full speed. This is a time to just reflect on life, drink coffee, do what you want and relax..
    Have a great snow day..ta ta for now from Iowa

  4. I agree with Jane... unless your work deals with saving lives in some way, it should just be closed with snow like that. But, I live in mud and rain, so I know I would love to sit in the house and watch it, play in it (briefly) and go back inside. Be careful!

  5. I know it's a big pain in the patoot for you, but you have no idea how envious I am of your beautiful, beautiful snow. Hubby and I both LOVE snow; it was one of the main reasons we moved up here to northern Minnesota. However, I cannot remember the last time we saw snows like you're getting. I think the last winter with good snows was the year we moved onto this current piece of property . . . and that was 1996. Sigh.

  6. They decided to close the office - no surprise there. I survived my shoveling marathon, although the forecast calls for wind tonight and tomorrow, which will undo everything I've done. You know, Mama Pea, I actually love snow and love winter. I just don't like having to drive in it. When I retire (around 85 at this rate), I am going to move 'norther'. There must be some hearty prairie stock in my heritage.