Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Wetsday.

"Get out the gum boots, Ma -- I'm going in!!!"

The only good thing I have to say about this weather is that it doesn't rain constantly.  Just most of the time.  There were enough breaks to rassle sheep and give everyone their CDT vacs.  What a difference have four hands can make.  I rassled and held, and Kay gave them their shots.  Wham bang.  All except Cocoa, that is.  I will have to trap her and put her in a full Nelson for her shot.  This was a bad on me -- I usually give vacs, etc. when I have them shorn, but it's very late this year -- after lambing -- ergo, the problem with Hickory.

Hickory is up to 99 percent, and not knuckling at all, that I've observed.  Her appetite is good, she was running around with her brother, and she is sticking very close to her mom.  Of course, her memory of me will always be of the giant with the needles.  An expensive lesson.

Let's see, what else is new...?  Marie Claire has let me down.  When put on the ground with "her" chick, she attacked the little thing.  It is now in a brooder all by its lonesome.  I have hooked up a radio to keep it company, but it will have to wait a bit until it joins its cousins at Aunt Melanie's.  Other than that, Grendal has decided she is giving motherhood another crack.  We will see if Alfie was up to the task.  Otherwise, there will be hell to pay -- Grendal doesn't take kindly to spending a month sitting on a pile of clunkers.

The rain is supposed to ease up later this week.  That will be a nice change as it is really mucky out there.  The weeds continue to thrive, the garlic is growing tall, the peas are not.  I'm getting close to my last spinach harvest, and I'm just itchin' to put the rest of the garden in.  My Meyers lemon tree is loaded with little lemons and would just love to live outside for the summer.  We all must be patient.


  1. Oh Susan, same thing hear. I am sure in August I will be crying for rain, but this is getting to be to much. The ground just cant hold this much water without giving way. Glad everybody was at least able to get their shots. I hope poor Grendal has some live ones to seeing how she went to so much trouble.

  2. Yes, we have had many days of rain now too - although we usually get 1-3 hours of sun interspersed every day, enough to run out and do a chore before the thunder starts again! The sand here drains really well, but I'm noticing the bays and tidal flats are getting really high...

  3. I wonder too if this makes for a bad summer season? Watching the forecast last night it just threw the planting schedule in my head straight out the window!

    You need to take a video of the full nelson when it happens :)

  4. wait until Marie Claire -throw off little one starts singing tunes back at ya--lol---:)

  5. Holy moley, you guys out East are really getting socked with too much rain! That's got to be so frustrating . . . let alone not good for the soil or gardening. Try not to get your knickers in a knot. It would be a waste of good seed to try to plant with the conditions you have right now. It's bound to change soon, right?

  6. Jane - I think you have more rain than we do! Geese? Everything is so saturated. I know that we will all be wistful in August.

    Erin - We have had a few brighter patches, but not enough to dry anything up.

    APG - Oh, right. A video of our two big hineys (one woolly, one with no excuse) would go viral in no time!

    Judy - No tunes on this station, but she might start cheeping with a British accent!

    Mama Pea - The only contact I've had with my garden is weed pulling. They seem to flourish...