Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Single Homesteader's Diet and Other Oddities.

It occurred to me, as I was polishing off my breakfast bowl of cold pasta with nettle pesto sauce, washed down with my fourth cup of tepid milky coffee, that the quality of my diet has gone to hell in a hand basket.  I contemplated last night's dinner:  slice of multi-grain bread, slightly stale, with a schmear of cream cheese scraped off its wrapping paper that I just couldn't throw away, topped with a half-inch of snipped chives, topped off with a few shreds of smoked salmon.  Washed down with a half-glass of savignon blanc.  Followed by two Dutch almond cookies.  Followed by a cup of ginger-lemongrass tea.  Followed by a few pages of Willa Cather.  Although I think writing down every last thing you eat and drink is a good idea, I am too scared to do it.

Other oddities:  pulling out a load of laundry to find hypodermics, and lots of unrecognizable vegetation intermingled among my barn clothes.  I did finally discover that the soggy mass of greenish was the remains of the sage I had been drying.  Apparently, it dislodged from its bindings and dropped into the washing machine when my back was turned, sneaky little herb.  It probably was tired of  hanging there, month after month, waiting to be crumbled and put in a jar in the cupboard.

Eyeglasses:  I have many, but I have a favorite pair.  I put these down and forget where on an average of six times a day.  This morning, I found them in the refrigerator.

Are the wrappings coming loose?  Wheels falling off the wagon?  Nah.  I'm just going through Spring.


  1. Who said you cant have pasta for breakfast? You nettle pesto was WAY more healthy than the standard American breakfast of fruit loops or pop tarts.

  2. Glasses in the fridge. That's a new one...

  3. Nothing wrong with that diet, I do it myself LOL! Last night I had a handful of almonds, an almost eaten piece of grilled cheese sandwich one of the kids left behind and a glass of Pinot :)

    The glasses... ROFL!

  4. First off, your diet doesn't sound bad at all. As Jane says, compare it to the SAD (Standard American Diet) and you're way ahead. All you need to do is add a little more wine and you won't worry about it at all.

    I think we're all in the same garden wheelbarrow when it comes to being on overload. The worrisome thing is that this crazy mad busyness never seems to go away anymore. HELP!

  5. Jane - cold pasta is definitely more my kind of breakfast than cereal. I can't remember when I last had cold cereal.

    Melanie - you just wait, whippersnapper...

    Erin - That sounds GOOD!

  6. Mama Pea - That says it all, doesn't it? S.A.D. I think it's more in what I didn't say - these things were eaten standing, out of pots, without the merest shred of Emily Postism. I'm quickly heading down that road towards being a "character". We sure do, boy you betcha, have ourselves on overload. I think we've formed a support group without even knowing it!

  7. Hey, you're doin' just fine, Girlfriend. You are super-busy trying to do evrything right now. There are times when you just have to cut corners. Plenty of time in the winter to put a placemat on the table, sit down and leisurely enjoy a colorful, well-balanced meal arranged artistically on a plate. At . . . least . . . I hope . . . we will all . . . find that time . . . in the winter. Maybe. Ya think?

  8. Well I think your menu sounds really good! A far cry better than most as others have pointed out.

    In the Fridge???? Oh all ya'll are killing me today! That is flippin' hilarious.

    You need a good night sleep.

    Either that or you and MamaPea need to get those little necklace things for your glasses.

  9. Mam Pea - Aiiii! Don't say the W word yet - I can still remember this past one!

    APG - I have tried that necklace thing and end up with spills on my glasses. I DO need a good night's sleep, that is for sure. Got one handy?

  10. I eat well when hubby is around-but look out for auction day. Personally, your diet sounds interesting and well rounded....cookies and wine are good for you and build character. No? Must be thinking of something else. I do believe the chives are good for you! Hope this helps!!

  11. I am going to start calling you Euella........I am surprised you aren't stomping your own grapes!

  12. I lost it at your finding your glasses IN the refrigerator - HAhaHaHaHa!

  13. Sue - Yes, oddity loves company!!!

    Sylvie - Don't give me any ideas....

    Michelle - I was afraid I had lost it as well. I did, once, put my slippers in the fridge. But I was in my 20s and was suffering from an all-night cramming session.

  14. When Dan's on the road, that's exactly how I eat, LOL. I can honestly say however, that I've never left my eyeglasses in the refrigerator. ;)