Monday, May 23, 2011

The Weekend that Wasn't.

I am absolutely amazed that it is Monday.  It seems that I was just sitting at this desk yesterday!  Saturday was a blur - I baked birthday muffins and delivered them with homemade jelly to a friend by 8:30a, so I could race back home, take a shower and then head down to Red Hook, NY for my nephew's graduation.  My parents arrived at my place at 10, we were on the road at 10:15 and didn't pull back into my driveway until 6:20!  A looooong day.  I managed to get all the evening chores done, and then collapsed into bed by 9.

Dad, Mom, Moi and Proud Mom of Graduate

Sunday, I was up at 4:30 (I'm trying to squelch Scrappy's new habit of hurtling out the door barking at 4:30 - I don't believe my neighbor is an early riser), then made a batch of brownies for the barn crew, did chores and a load of laundry, then out the door for Saturday's errands.  Back home a little after noon, I started on a rhubarb pie for my dinner guests.  Just as I was getting ready to assemble it, Kay's husband, Nick arrived to help me put up a short piece of fencing.  I raced back and forth between hayport and kitchen, dealing with the timing and temperatures on the pie.  But I did manage to get the living room and dining room vacuumed, the giant dog crate out on the deck, the table cleared and set and dinner in the oven!  We had a nice, leisurely dinner, after which I pawned off the left over pie and half the smoked turkey on my willing guests.  I did evening chores, cleaned up the kitchen and watched an episode of The Closer on dvd. 

Then it was Monday!  I am taking a few days of vacation this week - weather or not (so to speak, since there is rain forecast for every day except Weds.) - which makes losing my weekend less painful.  I found out last week that I had only taken half of the vacation days I am alloted last year.  Since I can only carry over one week of unused time (I didn't use two weeks), I have vowed to use at least three weeks this year!

Have I mentioned my Vacation List?


  1. I hope it includes a trip up the Maine coast with me.............

  2. My dog likes to get up at 5:10 am , which is first light, and bark as loud as she can at the horses. So no alarm clock needed here either. And they are the same horses she sees every day of her life. A vacation sounds good. Cant wait to hear what your going to do.

  3. Maybe I'm supposed to have a dog---I get up really early! LOL!

    My question is-how do you not take all your vacation days? When hubby worked, he always wished for far more days off. You must love your job. (?)

  4. No wonder you are wanting to take up some of those days! Girl you are a shaker! I'd be tired too. But if you are going to lose them then heck ya!! Use'em

    Fingers crossed that you get more than one day of sun!

  5. I would love to be a fly on the wall of that kitchen, you make a whole lotta good stuff in there :) Enjoy your time off, even if it rains! SO MUCH rain this year...

  6. Whew, I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend, LOL. I know you'll put those vacation days to good use.

  7. Well, let's see if Google will let me post on my own blog! Interesting - is anyone else having trouble with their Google account?

    Jane - Don't you wonder what goes on in those little doggie minds?

    Sue - I think my dogs lie outside the bedroom door craning for the least little sound - then they're ready to go! I think I have so much extra time because I tend to take a day or two here and there, and it doesn't amount to much at the end of the year.

    APG - Rain or shine, I am out there with my list! But shine would be SO much better...

    Erin - Thank you, my dear. Coming from you, that is a true compliment. I plan on doing a lot of rhubarby kinds of things.

    Leigh - Yes, ma'am, I have an ironclad list to work from. Some oldies but moldies are on this list...

  8. I can see we're going to have send the Vacation Police to your homestead to make SURE you get in all your vacation days you have coming this year. Do you want me to keep track of them for you so you're sure to take them?? Huh? Good golly girl, you deserve every one of those days "off" even if it only means working your little buttinski off on the oldies and moldies on your list!