Friday, May 20, 2011

Pet Peeves

I have saved this subject in honor of seven straight days with rain.  It's made me cranky, so it seemed like the perfect time to let it all out.  So to speak.  I have all the usual pet peeves - people who incessantly talk on their cell phones in public - in lines, in elevators, in restaurants.  I would like to invent a little device that you could aim at the offending blabber and mute the phone.  Litterbugs, or littervermin, as I like to call them.  Take it home and dispose of it properly!  Yeesh.

Some of my more, ahem, personal favorite pet peeves are:  the word "veggie"; the use of "baby" when used with inanimate objects, like baby spinach.  Heaven help the poor slob that uses "baby veggies" within my earshot!  Then there is bad grammar - especially, "me and Vinnie went".  Me went?

What are your pet peeves?


  1. But saying veg-e-ta-ble instead of veggie is so haard and takes sooo long. ;o} I use that one all the time. Baby spinach, baby spinach, baby spinach! (See I can be cranky right back!) What shall we rename it? Small spinach? Underdeveloped spinach? Teeny-tiny spinach? Premature spinach?

    Okay, now for my pet peeves. Gawsh, I have so many that I don't have enough time to list them right now. (So why do we say "pet" peeves instead of just "peeves?" Do we like certain ones better because they are pets? Maybe we should call some baby peeves and some gargantuan peeves? I think I've been irritating enough now that I'd better go. Bye. :o}

  2. Mama pea - How 'bout....gasp....spinach! you've already made me feel un-cranky!

  3. Peoples who throws the veggie, baby spinach, out the window of there car, while talking very loudly on there cell fone.

    You asked for it! :)

  4. CR - Boy howdy, did I! You guys are too much!

  5. Honestly though, I probably have fifteen-hundred different pet peeves (I'm a very anal person).

    But here are two that immediately come to mind:

    People who let their dogs bark ALL NIGHT (or day).

    People who litter. And especially those that think, for whatever moronic reason, cigarette butts don't count as litter.

  6. OMG-If I was a drinking women I would serve cheese with all the whining.but I better watch my P&Q's around you because my grammar is the worst. Maybe I should return to school because the only thing I really remember is -using double negatives like I'm not never ever gonna do this or that right.Sorry,you must have really cringed at that one!MY PET PEEVES,LET ME SEE,IF THERE ARE ANY SMOKERS LEFT OUT THERE IT WOULD BE DIRTY ASH-TRAYS.CHILDREN THAT DON'T WASH THERE HANDS AFTER GOING [AND BOY DO I GET THAT ONE A LOT ]AND PEOPLE THAT THINK THEY ARE BETTER THAN MOST BUT LIKE ELEANOR ROOSEVELT ONCE SAID" ONLY YOU CAN LET THAT PERSON MAKE YOU FEEL INFERIOR OR NOT". I PROBABLY HAVE A MILLION MORE,BUT THAN I AM NOT PERFECT SO I WON'T GO ON.

  7. Oooh, narrow-minded people really chap my hide! People who always think they are right. Maybe that's the same as the other? I am going with Judy too on the condescending sorts. But my all time favorite saying is, "I hate stupid people!"

    See this is why I am not fit to live in populated areas. They should lock me up and throw away the key!

  8. Oh, I want to join the fun! But where to start.... there are so many to choose from: People who don't believe in using turn signals; bad musac while you're on hold (being on hold is bad enough- don't torture me!); People who finish your sentences for you... but my big one- people who chew loudly or smack their lips while they eat (or pop gum, etc) just drives me spare.
    And we're growing "immature" corn this year to put in stir fry ;)

  9. LOL, we are going on 12 days of rain so I totally get your venting!

  10. I'm with you on the whole cell phone/smartphone/thing. Just once I would LOVE to have a meal out without having to listen to inane DRIVEL from some loudmouth on a cellphone.
    Oh-and on that vein-those STUPID ringtones. I'm getting VERY close to grabbing someone's cellphone and stomping it to smithereens.

  11. Judy - ALL of those and more!

    APG - I am going to start saving these sayings - "chap my hide" - love it!!

    Judy - Yes, immature vege-ta-bles do nicely in stir fry...;0)

    Erin - Egads! 12 days? Bring out the waders! We must be due for a thunderstorm - I have a dog velcroed to my side.

    Sue - Could they put us in jail for violence done to inanimate objects?

  12. My biggest peeve, is people who take their shopping cart to their car, then leave it right there. Then it rolls into some other poor suspecting car. How lazy are you when you wont walk the cart 20 feet back to the return? RRGGHH! And most Americans dont eat enough vegetables, so if shortening the names gets them to eat more, then bring on the veggies.

  13. I have to jump in too! Aside from all the above listed peeves, I've decided that I am definitely "old school" about my language. I can't stand that words are shortened, veggie doesn't bother me much, but how about this one: The intel community. Intel is something inside a computer - but now it seems to mean the intelligence community in government. It took me a while to figure that one out! I like plain language that says what it means and means what it says! I should stop before I get rattled ...