Thursday, May 12, 2011

Woman vs. Bird

Gift wrapping Miguel?

Although it may look like I am in the process of gift-wrapping my truck, it is the latest offensive in my ongoing battle with an over-competitive male Cardinal.  So far, I am parking my car at the foot of my driveway.  I refuse to also move my truck.  As far as Mr. Red Bird is concerned, both vehicles present him with rivals at every turn.  He attacks the rear view mirrors with his wings, beak and poopy feet.  It's constant.  It's messy.  It's driving me crazy.  So, I covered the truck's mirrors in the hopes that he will settle down and sit in the trees singing his come-hither lovely song, all the better to attract Mrs. Red Bird (number 4). 

This particular male has not had good luck on the domestic front.  (hmmm, birds of a feather?)  Since I have been aware of him - for about 4 years - he has gone through three partners.  I was witness to the demise of Mrs. No. 1 to a hawk attack.  Mrs. No. 2 had an obsession with my sliding glass door and I think it finally drove her over the edge.  She disappeared.  Mrs. No. 3 didn't stick around long, either.  With his record, no wonder he's worried about real or imagined rivals.  I am thinking of sewing up a couple of mirror 'socks' for my car.


  1. Crack me UP! The things we do! You are pretty industrious and patient too. I hope you win and that he finds a Mrs so he will leave you alone!

  2. Good grief! What we don't go through with animals (and birds)! I think I'd be about ready to think of wrapping Mr. Cardinal up and UPSing him somewhere far, far away.

  3. Your post made me laugh as I'm encountering the same problem! Except in my case it's a male bluebird and the door mirrors on my station wagon....

    My wacko little blue bird takes it a step further in odd behavior. He challenges the 'mirror bird' on the door mirror closest to his mate & nest. But then, (how can I say this? lol), he tries to create bluebird babies with the bird he sees in the opposite door mirror. Back and forth he goes, one side of the car to the other. Fighting with one mirror bluebird and wooing/making egglets with the other mirror bluebird. (This bird may need some therapy, roflmao).

    Like you, after a few days I could take the mess no longer and covered each mirror with a plastic disposable bag. (I tried paper bags but he tore and pecked right thru those).

    You'll be happy to hear it worked ~ with my scrappy little lothario bluebird ~ he stopped once the mirrors were covered with opaque bags. I hope it works for you too!

    Thanks again for the chuckle. I'm happy to know I'm not alone with this curious bird behavior!

  4. Hmmmm... birds with identity crisis, huh? Our world is a strange place...

  5. LOL, knitted rearview cozies! :)

  6. I actually feel bad for the poor guy. He must have a complex with all the ladies leaving him. I hope he finds a mate soon and they decide to move away.

  7. LOL! We've got one that keeps going after one of the basement windows. Drives the cats totally over the edge! Good luck with the socks.

  8. APG - No luck so far. I'm going to have to park in the road pretty soon.

    Mama Pea - Great idea! What's your address?

    Faye - I would love to have a blue bird about the place! It must be tough for the little guys.

    Ruth - You can't make this stuff up!

  9. Erin - I was thinking of something quilted...hehe

    Jane - I am starting to feel sorry for him, too. But I do love his song and it's so nice to see that bright red presence flitting about.

    Judy - I guess I should be thankful I don't have the problem my parents did - an insane male turkey that ended up breaking their basement windows!

  10. LOL! Sorry - I know it's not funny when it is happening to you. But I am picturing "mirror socks" - what a great idea? You should hurry up and patent it!!