Monday, June 27, 2011

A Challenging Weekend.

My sister was visiting my parents in Vermont this weekend, so that freed me up for a non-stop weekend.  And boy-o-boy was it!  Peaches were purchased (say that five times fast) so peachy-type desserts followed:  peach clafouti and a rustic peach tart; eggs were gathered, washed and toted to the farmers market; the guest bedroom was stripped down, washed, vacuumed and dusted and the flannel sheets were washed (can you tell how often I have overnight guests??); my bedroom was similarly treated; Flora's fleeces (5 x fast) were consolidated into one giant paper leaf bag; brooder was re-papered; weeds were weeded; rabbit cages were cleaned; letters were written; the infamous chicken tractor was thrown together and rouge poulets were released onto clover (twelve feet doing the happy dance); and a long-awaited trip to New Lebanon was accomplished (more on that in another post). 

The day started as a warm, sunny day with just a touch of humidity.  As soon as I got in my car for the half-hour drive, the skies opened up.  So I drove along, wondering if the heavy flannel sheets I had hung on the line would be dry by August.  I drove back with my precious cargo and unloaded it in .... a monsoon.   By the time I slogged into the house, I looked like I had jumped fully-clothed into a pool.  A complete change of clothes later, I was out working with the rabbits - who were scheduled to go to Bunny Heaven (seriously, it's not what you think) on Sunday.  Fifteen minutes later I was, again, inside for a complete change of clothes.

Sunday was a much better day and I built a door for the barn, did more weeding, planted a few things, and worked on rabbits.  The woman who took my rabbits will provide them with an amazing home - they have a covered run with real grass!  And dandelions!  She is just starting out on the exciting journey to spinning and knitting with your own fiber.  I am so happy we found each other and that the bunnies are not here in her capable and loving hands.

Then, all of a sudden, it was Sunday night!  How time flies when you're busy...


  1. Not nice to tease us like that, Ms. Susan! You went to New Lebanon to get . . . what??

    When you have a "free" weekend at home, I think you work waaaay too hard. (You need to heed this advice to take better care of yourself from one who isn't sleeping well at all because of all the things going through her mind.)

  2. Whew, what a weekend. You sure got a lot done. Rain water rinsed sheets are the best!

  3. You make me tired just reading all that. I bet you slept well.

  4. Mama Pea - Hehe, post to come tonight. Last night I was ironing! Ack. Yes, those "free" weekends are dangerous. But I was so exhausted, I slept fine.

    Jane - Well that laundry got rinsed more than once. And it did all dry by last night and it smells wonderful!

    Judy - I certainly did!

    Erin - Coming from you, Miss MoreThanAmazing, that's a compliment!!!

  5. You are so industrious! I'm always impressed with what you accomplish. You're right about how they always result in a good night's sleep. :)

  6. Do you have energy pills? And what is so infamous about that tractor?? ;)

  7. Leigh - it's nice to know I'm in good company. You are not only crazy-busy, but find the time to write amazing posts! I am always happy to see my bed at the end of the day.

    APG - No - do you have any I could borrow???? I thought "infamous" was better than sorry-looking...hehe

  8. back and forth you go ,keeping us in suspense at what wonderful things you have in the works now. I may not comment all the time but I LOVE TO READ YOUR BLOG.