Friday, June 10, 2011

Sorrow-Soaked Thoughts and Moving Forward.

Yesterday was quite a day.  Besides having to part with my dear Tippet, Bartlett went off to his fate.  I don't want to understate the value he added to my life - besides being a sweet sheep, he was an excellent sire.  Thank you, Bartie.  It's difficult to drag my thoughts out of the teary bog they're in, but I don't see that it does me much good to stay there.  I think I had really believed that she would live as long as I would.  Cleo, Queen of Denial.

Thanks to the kindness of my co-workers, I got to leave the office early - first, I was no good for anything; second, I wanted to spend some quality time with Tippet before her appointment; and third, I was trying to beat the major storm that was coming through.  While I did get to spend some quality time with T, I didn't quite outrun the storm.  It really was quite awe-inspiring.  I was driving parallel to it most of the way but, as is my luck recently, I ended up turning right into the middle of it.  I was buffeted all along the top of the mountain and into my driveway, where I was trapped in my car as buckets of rain and hail held me captive.  I was watching the trees, and the rain came in sheets that were twisted and swirled.  It was quite something to see.  After the hail let up (call me a wimp), I made a mad dash for the house, but ended up completely soaked from head to toe.  The storm was complete with inky skies, cloud to ground lightning (thanks to APG's post, I had remembered to unplug everything important) and lots of thunder.  It was, as my granny used to say, a humdinger.  I am glad that we had had a similar, yet gentler storm the day before, as the ground was softened and absorbed the downpour with less damage than there would have been had it hit the hard pack of a couple of days ago.  Every one of the sheep, lambs and the llama had squeezed into the sturdier hoop house.  Must have been cozy...

I am looking forward to no weather extremes - at least for a couple of days.  And thank you, once again, you dears, for your warm fuzzies.


  1. Oh Susan, Bartie too? This is over the top heartbreaking! That was so kind of work to let you out early. Give them a big thanks from us too. You needed it.

    So glad something good came from what happened here yesterday too! Unplugged was a good thing to be from the sounds of it.

    Ok...better days lie ahead! More big hugs for you! xoxoxo

  2. Sometimes don't cha just wonder why we keep livestock or house pets at all? I mean it hurts so da*n much when we lose them . . . either to old age, disease, accident or making the hard decision that certain animals are not the wisest choice for our barnyard. I'm guessing it must have a lot to do with what they give to us in their lifetimes as part of our "family" that makes it all worthwhile.

    With each experience, hopefully we all climb a little higher on that dratted learning curve and can make better decisions with new knowledge the next time around.

    Time does heal. It's gonna get better, dear lady.

  3. You are certainly being dealt a heck of a hand, aren't you? Sorry to hear about all this, and hope brighter days are soon ahead for you.

  4. APG - I believe blue skies are ahead. At least it's not raining, storming or anything else. You are such a dear.

    Mama Pea - All I can say is, I can live with 'em and I can't live without 'em. Let's hope I can learn something from all of this.

    Erin - Thanks, my dear. It can only go up from here, right?