Friday, June 17, 2011

It's all those "extras" that make living in the country fun.

Ah, life in the country.  Fresh air, wide open spaces, mice.  I took my car into the garage this morning knowing full well I had a mouse nest in the fan housing under the dashboard.  How?  When I turned on the fan it sounded like the local logging trucks, downshifting around the corner.  And then there was that delightful mousy aroma when the engine got warm.  Mmm-mmm-mmm.  They told me it would be an easy-peasey job - under a half hour, so I made the appointment to give myself an hour.  That would be an hour during which time I arrive with the car, they fix it, I drive to the office.

It was a good thing I decided to pick up donuts for the garage crew on the way there.  They put the tallest, biggest guy to work under my dash.  An hour later, he comes in the waiting room looking pale and the worse for wear.  "I took TWO POUNDS of mouse nest out of your dashboard!" he managed to choke out.  "It was full of grey dog hair.  You must have grey dogs with long hair."  I do not.

"Let me see that mouse nest," I say.

"Oh, lady, don't make me touch that stuff again."

"I don't have grey dogs and they don't have long hair.  This is costing me $75 - I want to see the nest."

He comes back looking even paler - gingerly holding a sheet of newspaper in which lies a huge pile of WHITE RABBIT FUR, assorted sheep wool, leaves, twine, twigs.  Nary a grey dog hair in the lot.

I mollified the poor city boy with donuts and a reassuring pat on the back.  But, really, I drive my car every blessed day.  When are these little buggers building the condo?  Do they have night vision goggles?  What gives???  This is the second and far worse mouse nest in the same place.  I intend to inundate cotton balls with peppermint oil and festoon the inside of my car.

This is war.


  1. Thanks for the chuckle this morning! Mice moved into my last car, fortunately the trunk (where I prompted put bar bait), but of course they made forays into the passenger cabin and left me little "presents." ICK. We've also had them in our farm truck, where they like to make nests in the glovebox using, of course, the truck registration papers. UG.

  2. Just yesterday hubby pulled the air cleaner out of a vehicle. This fan shaped wheel with fins going around it was STUFFED (inbetween each fin) with sunflowers seeds and had several nest-type holes chewed completely out.

    In the winter we set mouse traps in all our vehicles because mice from down south come up here for cross country skiing and think our vehicles are mouse condos.

  3. Michelle - Since I have a station wagon, the car is the trunk! I haven't seen any "presents" (major ick factor), but I am sure they've left some.

    Mama Pea - Doesn't it drive you crazy? I just opened my kettle grill last night and - yes, a whole nest! They were unceremoniously booted out.

  4. Glad you got them out. I think I'll do today's post on my little car/mouse problem...thanks for the "idea"! Mine, unfortunately, didn't turn out as well as your mouse adventure did.

  5. We just found the same thing in the brush cutter. It could have been worse. You could have found a snake in there that was going to have a mouse snack.

  6. Carolyn Renee - I would love to read it - misery loves company, you know.

    Jane - I would actually rather have found a snake with a big lump in it's tummy. Well, not actually FIND it - rather see it slither away. In the distance. Waay in the distance.

  7. Reminds me of when I had a squirrel in mine
    :-) Where was your camera?

  8. Ohmigosh, that was a fantastic story LOL! I had just gotten done reading Mama Pea's post about her nest! I had to read it aloud and hubby had a good laugh... no kidding though, just when ARE they finding the time to build their super structure?!

  9. This must be going around! My uncle had them in the farm tractors all the time. But I think they met a worse end.

  10. I have the same issue in my car, and also the grill. I just live with the noise inmy car because it is much more expensive for me to get it cleaned out where I live. And hubby has tried to to do it himself without success. Damn mice. Those men must have loved your bakery box!