Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lambs - with Pictures!

Acacia - Before
 I seem to have overcome my problem with uploading for the moment, so I bring you this year's 'crop' of lambs with the before and after where possible.

Acacia - Now

Linden aka Big Sweetie - Before
Linden - Now (Still the Big Sweetie)

Banyan (l) and Hickory (r) - Before

Banyan - Now

Hickory (r) - Now
Juniper (l) - Before/Now

Hazel - Before (before she found her voice -
I should have named her Ethel Merman

Ethel, er, Hazel (r) - Now
I should have named her Big Butt Ethel Merman

They will probably be the only good crop I'll get this year, given the lousy weather. Linden, Hazel and Acacia will be 8 weeks old tomorrow. Hickory and Banyan will be 8 weeks on the 21st, and lastly, but not leastly, Juni remains my baby boy. Although he's becoming an armful, with his horny head. The breeders' choice(s) have been made, so now I need to put on my big girl boots and make mine.


  1. So cute and they grew so fast. You blink your eyes and they are full grown. Glad you got your pictures to final download. I think we all need a re-do on the spring.

  2. Jane - You are so right. I'd like to roll it back and be able to gird myself for what we got so I wouldn't feel so blind-sided.

  3. Holy moly, did they grow fast! The way your sheep were multiplying this spring, it's easy to see how you could end up with a herd of 50 in short order. You had lotsa babies! Too bad you had the health problems so you couldn't have had more time to enjoy them to the utmost.

  4. Mama Pea - Haven't they? I am sorry that I didn't get more hands-on time with them that didn't involve haveing a syringe in my hand. They are not as socialized as I would like. I guess it will be easier to let them go. Not.

  5. Yes . . . it WILL be easier to let them go. A little. Chirk up, Girl. You really can't handle a flock (I said "herd" earlier, my bad) of 50 sheep.

  6. Look at all that wool already! Hazel is too cute - I think she would be in my house LOL

  7. Oh my! They really did grow up fast! Decisions are never easy to make with that cuteness invlovled.

    (ok I just left comments on other blogs and I showed up fine. I am really getting sick of this!)

    Apple Pie Gal growling here

  8. Mama Pea - Herd, flock, bunch, mob - it's too many by any name!

    Erin - What's your address? Will you accept a Hazel-gram COD?

    APG - What is with Blogger? I have run into the same problem on my OWN blog! Something is very, very wrong.

  9. Ha! Oh my Australian Shepherds would love me forever - they are tired of herding children!

  10. Wow! They have grown. And they're so beautiful.
    Hang in there. It's almost summer....

  11. My grand-daughter just mistook them for puppies- I better get her to visit a farm fast!

  12. Erin - That would certainly liven things up!

    Judy - Well, it was summer. Now it's fall. Or early spring. What planet is this?

    Judy - Puppies, lambs, kids -- they're all cute!