Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Dance!

At 9:00 P.M. Eastern time there were 50 bales of freshly baled hay in my barn!  More to come.  Frabious day!  It's better than my birthday!


  1. Hahahaha! You be one crazy lady! But most of us know that a barn full of hay is as good as it gets when you have all those animal mouths to feed. You should take a picture for us to see!

  2. Mama Pea and Erin - It sure doesn't take much to spin my props, so to speak. Last night I finally slept without anxiety dreams!

  3. Jeez....I remember you talking about having almost no hay what seemed like over a month ago, now wonder you were having anxiety dreams!!

    Now go roll around in the barn & sniff in all that wonderful fresh-cut hay smell!

    Oh, and save some for the critters.

  4. Oh the things that make us happy! Yeah for you!!!

  5. How exciting... send 50 to Oregon for me, please... LOL I totally understand.

  6. Caryoln - I had exactly one-half of a bale when these arrived. TOO close for comfort. I had scrounged up 10 bales from another source. I DID go sit in there and inhale -- how did you know???

    APG - Yes, there's nothing like a nice stack of hay bales - you can keep your diamonds...

    Ruth - It was a very late haying season here because of the rain. I've reserved half of his hay so I never have to go through this again. The good thing was that, late as it was, it was a good haying spring.