Friday, October 7, 2011

Gettin' Ready to Rumble!

Are you all sitting down?  The forecast for the "WEEKEND" (yes, both days) is for bright sunshine and balmy temps!  Lawsy, I hope I didn't just jinx myself by putting it out there...  so, given that I got almost nothing done on The Lists last weekend, this is going to be a multiple-list-eggstravaganza.

And speaking of eggs, gak.  Yesterday, a mild, brightly sunny day, garnered zero eggs.  Nada.  Nuthin.  No eggs, no how.  It's got me stumped.  Even my Barnevelder girls, who are youngsters and who are NOT moulting, are not laying.  The only egg I get almost every day is a duck egg.  Well, thank goodness for that.

Yesterday, Kevin Ford came out and sheared the lambs.  I tell you, they were tiny before losing their fleece.  Now they look like a miniature breed.  Except for Linden, who is at the right level for his age/breed.  Acacia is getting back to her noisy, feisty self.  She has learned that she needs to trot right up to the gate in the morning, so I can let her out onto the grass.  As soon as she hears the grain can rattling, she trots off to her own little feed dish.  What a cutie.  And what a relief.  The adult ewes still need to be wormed, but I am making headway.

My plans to get hay this weekend were squelched by a family wedding (the farmer's, not mine) on Saturday and his need to chop corn on Sunday.  He was nice enough to offer to give me hay if I run out before next weekend.  Which I will.  This lull will give me the opportunity to clean out the barn so I can stack the 100 bales without worrying that the little piranhas goats will be able to reach it.  I am also going to see if I can disassemble the lattice house frame (thank goodness I screw everything together) so I can move it and use it as winter shelter for the sheep, with a few alterations.  It's time to move them into a new area so that the old, over-used one has time to recover.  Once I move them, I am going to seed it before winter.  Or so it says on my "Outdoor/Animal" list.  My lists have big ideas.

I've moved the electronet so that the sheep can have some grass, but it will entail some fancy footwork and creative electrical work (neither of which is my forte).  Hey, Apple Pie Gal - ZZZZZZt!  Kidding, I hope.  Because of the way I had to set up the charger to keep the top wire hot, I can't move it.  And because of my elaborate (read: wacky) gate system, I have to put the connecting end of the fencing on the other/opposite side of the gate.  That means I will have to rig up a long connecting wire from the fence to the charger over/across the gate opening using wire, baling twine and plastic tubing.  Since I know that Hoosier is capable of doing the limbo, he will just have to work his way under the wire.  This should be interesting.  But, he's a smart cookie and he loves his grass.

The Babes (surprise chicks) will be integrated into the main coop this weekend.  That will give me one less step in the mornings/evenings.  Then, the small coop will be closed up for the winter, unless I decide to banish the ducks to the small coop.  I am thinking about it.

Much needs to be done in the garden.  Lucy needs to be interred somewhere where the foxes, coyotes and stray dogs won't find her.  There is an over-abundance of llama beans that need shoveling and spreading.  The strawberries need to be given a haircut and mulched. 

I am thinking that I need a partner in all this.  Here are the qualifications:  Must be older than me; must be good with his hands in practical ways (electrical/plumbing/carpentry); must love animals in all sizes and shapes; must be retired and not indigent; must like to cook; must not spend all his time on his dusty-buster; must have a sense of humor; must have the patience of Job; must be a good kisser.  So, if anyone out there is either this person or knows someone who fits this bill, send 'em on down!  While I'm waiting, I think I will tackle my lists.

p.s.  I am going to celebrate either my 20,000th page view or my 300th posting (how I DO go on!) - whichever comes first - with a very special giveaway.  Stay tuned.


  1. I think you just make that Apple cake, put some on the window seal, and the guys will be swarming in like flies. Why do your weekend lists make ME tired? I am not the one who has to do them. I think your writing is so good, I feel like I am there. But I think I will pass on the scooping of the Llama beans.

  2. If I knew of a guy like that, I might become a polygamist!

  3. You don't need one guy, m'dear. I think you'd be able to handle two with no problem at all. That way (with weekend lists like yours) neither one of them would die of exhaustion . . . and maybe one (they might have to take turns) would have enough energy left to be a good kisser.

    P.S. Jane is so right. Your writing is so good!

  4. I love the name of your blog!

  5. I will get to work scoping things out to find a man (or two or three) who will fit your list of qualifications. I'm sure there's gotta be someone out there to fit the bill...and then when we find him...will you be willing to share? ;)

  6. Jeez, I'm so far behind in my blog following! Hope your weekend is going great and the lists are getting beaten down! Good luck finding a fella, I'll bet there is one out there looking for a lady just like you! :)

  7. Candy is right, I bet the guy exists and is looking for a gal just like you! Trouble is, is he currently looking in Saskatchewan? LOL... You are deep into the busy weekend I bet by now, here too, wonderful working weather!

  8. Jane - They already swarm when they know I have my own teeth and a full-time job! KIDDING! I think I may have to go further north - where they're better preserved...hehehe.

    Michelle - Hey! You already have a great guy! Two, actually!

    Mama Pea - Ah, well, maybe back in my 20s. Actually, I sort of like that idea.

    Mooberry Farmwife - Thank you so much! It's easy to remember, if nothing else.

    Mama Tea - Thank you! And "yes".

    Candy - I keep the hope light burning. I figure I might find him when and where I am least expecting it.

    Erin - See? My idea of going north-er is correct! Of course, I hadn't planned on much north of Maine or Minnie Soda. But, I'd be willing to try Saskatchewan...

  9. OK, It took me a few day's to get up the gumption to send in my resume and I have to tell you that I fit most of the requirements.
    1. OLDER: I'm 58
    2.Good with hands: Some. I love to work with wood and I use my scrool saw quite a bit during the colder mounts of the year. (take a look at my "BEAR" project on my Blog). Outside projects are my garden, Worms and working in the yard ( 3 acres of my own and 3 of my neighbors.
    3. Animals: Dogs, cats and Worms are a big part of my life right now. I wish I had the time and funds to have Chickens, Ducks, Goats, Cows....You name it!
    4. Retired: From the Navy - 24 years!( Also gainfully employed at QVC)>
    5.Be able to cook: Love to cook, Bake and Can!
    6. Have a sense of humor: I'm a laugh riot!
    7. Patience: Not sure I know what that is!
    8. Good Kisser: Never had any complaints! But you would have to decide for yourself!
    So what do you think? Close enough? (HE HE)>

  10. Tom - I'll be right over. To your blog, that is!