Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just Plain Wednesday.

Yes, yes.  I am a smarty pants.  I'm glad it's Wednesday, though.  Hump Day, it's all downhill from here.  I was equally pleased to realize that I can eke out a work wardrobe for the rest of the week without ironing!  Woot!  I really don't mind ironing, but I like to make an event out of it -- you know, candlelight, soft music, dvd in the player.  What I end up doing is squeezing the ironing board in my bathroom so I can brush my teeth, put on makeup and heat up the iron at the same time - because I've left it to the last minute and have 5 minutes to do all of this and iron something to wear for work.  I am my own worst enemy.

My neighbor is dropping off my riding mower this afternoon.  He had it all summer, with the promise of fixing it for me.  Which was nice, but then I didn't have it all summer.  When I said that it was so wonderful of him to have found time to fix it (not being facetious, I meant it - he's a busy guy), he mumbled something about never minding and he'd tell me about it later.  This means that nothing was wrong with it.  Sigh.

Acacia (aka Cady) is perking right along.  She is the spindliest thing still, but she seems to be getting her old feisty self back.  She made me chase her around the goat paddock this morning.  That's a good thing!  The chickens gave me ZERO eggs yesterday.  Thank goodness for the ducks, who have stepped up to the breakfast plate - I'm getting one-to-two a day.  Since Friday afternoon, I have gotten six chicken eggs.  It's disgustipating.  I will say that this is the first year that so many of them are moulting at the same time.  But, that is no excuse for the Barnevelders.  I'm going to have to have a heart-to-heart with those girls.  My sister called me this weekend and she's already gotten two eggs from her four pullets!  Egads!  Outrage!

In rummaging through my mind (such an interesting journey) this week, trying to come up with dinner ideas, I remembered that I had a great cookbook by Marian Burros, called 20 Minute Menus.  The best thing about this cookbook is the variety and healthfulness of the recipes.  I made a very tasty curried vegetables with lentils two days ago, and will try a poached salmon with cilantro and Turkish carrots tonight.  I don't end up making them within the 20 minute time frame (I used regular lentils instead of red, for instance), but I might see if I can do it tonight.  I had a fleeting thought that I would cook my way through the book and blog about it, but it would become boring to me and to anyone who might read it,  and I might become whiny - as in Julie and Julia.  (Am I the only one who found both the blog and movie irritating?)  Besides, it would take focus; this is a trait that is foreign to me.

I sat down last night and took inventory of all the hand work projects that I have in one form of start-up or another.  I might need an intervention:  knitted linen hand towel - done but ends need weaving in; cotton knitted kitchen towel with button tab - done but ends need weaving in and button chosen and sewn on; another cotton knitted kitchen towel with button tab - on the needles; fingerless mitts, aka texting mitts - one done except for thumb finishing and end weaving, second one on the needles; meditation masks - four new organic cotton covers cut out, need to be sewn, then photographed and put on Etsy; potholder rug - 7 squares done, one on the loom, 15 needed for rug completion; surprise Etsy project - very complicated with lots of hand work needed - about 1/4 done; felted/knit slippers - soles cut, felting cut, need to sew same together and knit tops.

That is one list I probably shouldn't have written down.


  1. Made me wonder how you cut the grass this summer. I liked your word disgustipating. I too gathered unfinished projects. I never realized how many I had! Hope the slide of the down hill is fun for you! ;-)

  2. Hi Nancy! This same neighbor cut my grass all summer. I think he was trying to keep himself useful. When left to my own devices, I use the push mower. Slow, but quiet.

  3. My Mom was the queen of unfinished projects....she even had a separate room filled with them. I won't tell you where most of them went when she went to the great beyond!

  4. are you sure that is all the neighbor was doing? oh,never mind my suspicious nature-don't trust anyone. especially not relatives--lol[another longer story-just don't let the smartest in the family be the executor of the estate!] oh you don't have to worry ,its just you isn't it?much I know--haha. but you are one busy gal. sometimes I wish I had a ton of things in the fire at one time like you but than I'd be lost

  5. Sylvie - I don't even want to think about it! I do hope you salvaged her paints...

    Judy - I think he was dragging his feet because he likes to be useful and help his neighbors. He is an amazingly fit and active guy in his late 70s.

  6. My chickens are all moulting too, but I don't have any ducks to make up the difference! Loved the word picture of your ironing routine. :)

  7. I need to sit down and finish up some projects myself. By the time I finish the dinner dishes, I usually just want to sit and veg in front of the TV! Glad little Acacia is doing better! :)

  8. you got me AGAIN--HIS LATE 70'S--LOL

  9. Hah! I've BEEN in your bathroom...and that is an event I would pay to see. Don't know if the ironing board or the makeup is harder to imagine...


  10. No mower all summer? Well thank goodness for sheep and goats then I guess, right? Much better fuel economy, but do you need to get an emmission sticker for them;) All that methane and all.

  11. What Leigh said is right on . . . you paint great word pictures! I can just imagine the delightful craziness going on at your place from the way you write about it.

    UFO's? Ha! I don't even want to attempt to count mine.

    I've gotta say for a single person living alone, you do some mighty fine cooking for yourself. Of course, that's a good thing. Gotta keep yourself hale and hardy! I wouldn't do nearly as well if I were in your shoes.

  12. Maybe October should be "unfinished projects" month. I've got a pile of them in a box that I just yesterday tripped over. I'll get around to it....tomorrow. Or Saturday. Or next October.....

  13. Leigh - I almost did a jig last night - there was AN egg in the nesting box! Sad.

    Candy - I vege twice a week with my Netflix dvd. Other than that, I am working on something. Trouble is, there are too many somethings.

    Judy - Heehee.

    Melanie - You can imagine - a tight squeeze, no? The makeup thing IS scary, isn't it?

  14. Jane - Give me methane that way any day! The same neighbor cuts my grass and weed whacks for me. He hates to have time on his hands, I guess.

    Mama Pea - Full disclosure here - I did NOT have a nice salmon dinner last night. I made granola instead and had a plate of gluten-free nachos.

    Carolyn - I vote for next October!