Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Musings.

Who ever came up with "kick yourself"?  Have you ever tried?  It's nigh on impossible!  I suppose, if you were double-jointed it could be done.  Otherwise, you'd be left with trying to kick your own ankle.  Which is painful.  Yes, research was done on this subject with much personal sacrifice by yerstruly.

Watches can be very cruel.  Many, many hours can go by in my mind, yet, when I look at my watch, only one real hour has passed.  It is a proven fact that weekend time moves at lightspeed rates, as opposed to workweek time, which crawwwwwls along.

More musing on mirrors.  Besides being startled most times when I look at my image (mind: 30 vs. mirror: reality), during the week I tend to be busy on home-type things right up until moments before I have to jettison myself out the door for my commute to work.  I think it might be helpful to have a glimpse in the mirror BEFORE I walk into the office. 

There is a smoking area - of which the borders are very hazy (harharhar) - outside of our office building.  Most mornings, two young 'gofers' who work for a large law firm in the building are generally hanging out, smoking, slouching and texting like mad, when I enter the building.  This morning, we all went into the elevator at the same time.  They were eyeing my red Netflix dvd return envelope and my Dansko clogs.  I looked them in the eye(s) and said, "Yes, I don't stream, text, tweet, or smoke.  I am SO not cool."  Only middle age has given me the moxie to be myself and proud of it.


  1. are dansko clogs cute-haven't owed a pair of clogs in a while-oh wait i bought a pair at a garage sale-I'll have to hunt them down so I can be cool to at the VA wed,--jk-if I ever looked cool it was probably 1968-ya that was a good year-I grad that year. my dad and I use to swing arms around each other and than he'd do a backward kick-get me right in the rump every time-Ive tried doing that a few times to say ,my daughter ,not happening with these short stubs

  2. Speaking of watches, why is it that you cant not get a wind up watch anymore and the few that are out there are expensive. I have a watch that runs on solar for less than the cost of a wind up watch!?

    And perhaps the gofers where just interested in what your movie was. You know you were speaking the young person language- movies, video games, computer, smart phone, LOL, BFF, OMG. See I can speak it too.

  3. Judy - I think that Dansko clogs are like the Cabbage Patch Dolls of shoes. They're so ugly they're cute. THE most comfortable shoes I've worn.

    Jane - LOL! Somehow, I was SURE they were not admiring the fact that I was a Netflix member. There was rolling of eyes, if you know what I mean. I actually didn't want to intimidate them with my coolness...

  4. I'm betting you gave those two clods a smile . . . even if they didn't show it to you. That would have been too "uncool" of them.

  5. Mama Pea - Ha - I always go by the motto "kill them with kindness". I did smile when I said it and they reddened slightly.

  6. Great Monday Musings! Thanks for the laugh! There are SOME advantages to middle age I guess!

  7. I forgot my watch when I was subbing at the high school the other day. Not one single student was wearing one. I finally had to give one permission to pull his cell phone out of his pocket to get the time. I am so not cool also. :)