Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Musings.

I was musing about what a worry-wart I am.  And I think I can follow the trail of 'worry' beads back to when I was just a tadpole myself - a blissful 8 year old with nothing to think about but school, cleaning my room, hiding my field mice in a shoe box, and feeding my beloved guppies.  It were the guppies that done me in.  My mother was not one for 'pets', although she did agree to a dog.  A small dog.  A small dog she could train.  You know, that dachshund was the ONLY doxie I have ever met that was truly trained.  My mother said - "Go do your business", and Inger would make a beeline for the pine trees in the back of the yard.  Once, she went within a foot of a rabbit without a sidelong glance.  She knew my mother meant business.  As did we all.

Anyhoo, back to the BGs (beloved guppies).  After the annoying constant whining and crying and carrying-on, she let me get a fish tank and some guppies.  I cleaned the tank every week and picked out some plastic ferns and a little castle and treasure chest.  I loved them.  And I was thrilled to watch as Mama Guppy grew fat with babies!  And even more thrilled when the babies were born!  And then the parents ate them!!!  I was horrified and kept a close watch on my own parents for quite some time.

In the six years that I've lived here, I don't think I've seen my farmer-neighbors without their feed company caps on more than a handful of times.  And every time that I have, I am reminded of the fragility of egg shells.  It must be that most of them are bald as an egg and, since the caps are on about 99% of the time, when the caps are doffed, the bald pates are very reminiscent of those very same things - pale egg shells.  It makes even the burliest of farmers look rather adorable.  I drove by my neighbor's farmhouse this weekend and witnessed such a sweet scene - Old Leo bending down slightly from his stoop, while his daughter gave him a smooch on his pale, bald head.  It brought tears to my eyes.

Despite the fact that the G's are like a bunch of old yentas, gossiping mightily at every occasion - they all perk up when a new victim listener walks into the barn - they are a very tight group.   Cows on the road?  A posse of red pick-up trucks descend (they seem to prefer red pick-ups) and the cows are taken in hand.  Someone not up to snuff?  The same posse descends on the dairy barn and chores are done.  They visit each other often; you'll almost always find one or the other leaning on a red pick-up, chewing the fat, spreading the word.  And they all keep an eye on me and my place.  Leo or Doug or Elmer or Lou will scrap their boot in the dirt and say something like, "You know, yesterday there was a grey car in your driveway.  Hadn't seen it before....." Then I assure them it was allowed and all is okay.  It's nice.

p.s.  Linking to Nancy at Little Homestead in Boise and wishing her a Happy Anniversary!


  1. How funny! Neighbors can be realy nice, like the one who gave me all her hrubarb. Or the "renters" behind us, OMG. How many times have I called the cops, loud parties at 2 a.m., ugh...

  2. I'm so happy that Leo or Doug or Elmer or Lou are looking out for you. 'Course, it might make it hard to have a gentleman caller (ahem) spend the night some time . . . no doubt the boys in the red trucks would pull up en masse 'round about 2:30 to make sure you were okay. ;o)

  3. Susan,
    You really though your Mom and Dad were going to eat you? I guess at 6 years old, there was a chance, But remember that when they get into the 90's, the same go's for them.

  4. What a great Monday Muse...
    Neighbors--sometimes good, sometimes a pain. Sounds like you got a good bunch!

  5. OMG, your guppy story is just too funny!! :)
    I'm glad you have good neighbors and that everyone helps and keeps an eye on each other. Much of that has been lost in our country...

  6. My Husband had a friend for 10 years before he found out that the friend was completely bald. We finally went to a wedding together and I guess his old ball cap was just not wedding attire. I hope my Husband didnt hurt his chin when it hit the floor.

  7. I'm not fond of neighbors, but your kind I would like! I had to laugh about the guppies...guess I am just warped like that. My dad was bald, and so was my grandpa. Dad said if young fellas wanted to waste perfectly good hormones growing hair, that was their problem.

  8. Beautifully written post. Seems to me some are just prong to worrying. Even animals. We used to have a cat who worried about everything, especially if we got the moving boxes out.

  9. Hey, speaking of's Reggie? Or don't I want to ask? Or did I miss the post? Or am I insane and there really is no fish named Reggie??

  10. It's nice to have neighbors who look out for you! Not all that common these days!

  11. That's why it's nice to live far from neighbors... but not TOO far! :)

  12. Nancy - You're welcome! Yes, there certainly an equal number of lousy neighbors, too.

    Mama Pea - Heehee. If that EVER (more hysterical laughing) would happen, I could just see them all clustered in the barn talking about it.

    Tom - Oh, heck no. They are too old and tough now - you have to strike while they're tender!m ;o)

    Sue - I am so thankful for the good ones. The bad ones drive heavy equipment and dump trucks and threaten legal suits.

    Candy - I think that's why I was only interested in a small town. If you get it right, you are so lucky.

  13. Jane - That is TOO funny! It's amazing how little we do know about people - even friends.

    Petey - You dad had a good attitude. I prefer the type of neighbors that you know are there, but only are around when you need them.

    Leigh - I think I have a rooster that is a worrier. Every little thing sets him off. But that is preferable in a rooster, I think. None of my cats worry about anything but a late dinner.

    CR - Oooh. I could say it's ALL those things! I had to take Reggie home when I went on vacation and then the only safe place for him was in the bathroom. It was ridiculous. So he is now entertaining a friend's 5 year old. And, I'm sure, much happier.

    SF - I've done the gamut of NYC, where no one pays any attention to you at all, good or bad; to being looked after by the G's. I prefer the G's.

    Erin - Exactly. I figure that I could probably run pretty fast for a half mile. That's how far I'd like my closest neighbor to be!

  14. Kay - Most likely. Should I be worried??? ;)