Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Terrors and Joys of Driving on a Country Road.

Sometimes, they are one and the same.

While driving to work the other morning on my favorite non-winter road over the mountain, I was doing my usual musing:  "If I won the lottery, what would I do with all that money?" Or, the ever popular, "Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall..."  I came around a curve in the road just in time to see a tiny, spotted fawn totter into my lane.  The squeal of my brakes and the string of unladylike commentary, did not phase him/her.  It just blinked at me with grave little fawn eyes and tottered back up the bank towards Mommy.  Meanwhile, my heart was doing the Bosa Nova.

Later that day, on the reverse trip, musing about other things - like the idiot who was tailing me at a half-car length - I come around another bend in the road and BINGO, there is a teensy turkey poult, headed determinedly in the opposite direction of its mother - and into the path of my car.  I was not aware that I was capable of such quick thoughts.  But, through my mind flew the following - "okay, tiny bird, big car, bigger idiot too close behind me, shineola."  Then I started tamping on my brakes, blowing my horn and gesturing wildly into the rear view mirror.  And, no, it was not a rude gesture.  Luckily, the driver got the hint and we both squeaked to a stop - me within inches of the poult.  Her within inches of my back bumper.  I believe we both took in a big gulp of air at the same time.  The poult's mother clucked frantically, and the little squirt wisely did a u-turn and headed back to its mother.  We continued on, this time the tailgater was a respectful distance behind me.

This morning, as I was hesitantly inching along the same road - you could say I was a tad gun-shy at this point - a young porcupine waddled confidently and with purpose...into my lane.  Luckily, all my synapses were on full alert and I was able to slow down and enjoy the view without risking limb or paw.  There is nothing like a small, fat, prickly animal taking his/her good, sweet time because they know they can.  Figuring that I was now in the clear, I picked up the pace a bit and was promptly dive-bombed by a red-tailed hawk less than a quarter mile down the road.

I mean, really!


  1. You need to put a protection symbol on your car or something! Geez, like REALLY! I mostly worry about texting, taligaters, speeders, or both :(

  2. You live a very dangerous life!

    I think I saw the same fawn the other day. ;o} I was coming down a hill on one of the few paved roads in our county when I saw something in the middle of the road up ahead. At first I thought it was a fox but as I got closer realized it was a tiny fawn. No one behind me so I came to a dead stop and told the fawn that was a really bad place to be. I'm not sure what I would have done next if the little guy hadn't scampered off the road and into the high weeds of the ditch. I sure hope his mama was nearby.

  3. I like Nancy's idea. Or could you get an air freshener or medallion of one of those obscure Saints and put it on your rear view mirror??

  4. I'm always trying to find the secret hidden meanings of things, but this is ridiculous. Maybe you should stay home????

  5. Wow, that's quite the wild life report. It's also why I hate tailgaters. We once hit a dog on the interstate, black dog in pitch black night, never even saw it. Dan had to stop and go see what we'd hit. If there'd been somebody tailgating us, they would have knocked us all through the windshield. What is the matter with people anyway.?

  6. Well I am very impressed that not only you survived, but so did all the wildlife. I wonder why some days all the forest creatures think it is time to spend some time on the highway. I have had that happen too. One time on the way home from work at 10pm there where thousands of toads/frogs on the back road for about 2 miles. I was very freaked out over that. I would not have believed it had I not seen it.

  7. Yikes!! Back roads often do have lots of life on it.
    I'm glad everything turned out all right for you and you didn't get hurt.
    Too bad about the owl though. Just be glad it wasn't a skunk;0

  8. Wild Kingdom has nothing on you, Susan! :D

    And hopefully your tailgater learned an important lesson!

  9. Nancy - Maybe I should put one of those flashing lights on the top of my car - or surround it with a force field..

    Mama Pea - That's me, Sweezie Danger! You wonder how something that tiny and fragile can get around. I'm surprised my entire head is not gray.

    CR - So, what scent should the air freshener be? Are there any saints covering wildlife road dangers?

    Sue - Yes! That's it! Please tell Reader's Digest to send me a big check. I will be home to accept it.

    Leigh - I honestly don't know what they're thinking. It's not like you can stop instantly - you stop when you run into the car in front of you!

  10. Jane - I think it's because we have an abundance of wildlife this year. Winter was very mild. Just look at the 500 chipmunks I have living around the house. Ooh, that would have completely unnerved me! How could you drive without squishing them? I don't think I could have done it.

    SF - I tell you, if I see a skunk in the road ahead, I close windows and shut off the air system. That stuff stays with you for miles - even when you aren't the one to have hit them.

    RS(Me) - Maybe I could become a reality television show...

  11. Whew! I'm glad everyone came through uscathed, even the annoying tailgater!! Grrrr...