Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer arrived. And how!

There is nothing worse for a worrier than to hear that the weather is going to be a scorcher.  With heat warnings, red flags, alarm bells, and all that jazz, the thermometer hit very close to 100.  This, on the day that she has to be locked in an auditorium learning about planning boards, zoning boards, soil restoration, and watersheds.  Hmm-mm.  I was up and out at 4:30 and dumped and refilled all the water buckets.  Then I let the sheep into their grassy area until I left for the workshop. Checked the rat-trap (empty - yeah!) and watered the garden, potted plants, cold frame, and anything else I could think of.  Then the dogs and I took a fast walk (or a drag, in Scrappy's case - he hates flying insects and must stop and snap at them every six inches).  I closed up the windows, drew the curtains and turned on the dehumidifier.  And then drove 40 minutes to sit in the workshop not hearing a word that was spoken because I was too busy listening to this:

"OMG, did I remember the Fricassees?  Did I let them out?  Will they be roasted?  Did I fill the chickens' waterer?  If I did, did I remember to uncap the water access?  Will the sheep have enough sense to go into the shed?  Will there be prone bodies scattered all over the homestead when I get back?"  Of course, everyone was fine, although they were staring at their waterers in dismay.  It was so hot, the water was way higher than tepid.  So I went around and refilled all of them.  Much happiness and chicken gurgling.  I even took some time to sit in the shade with the goaties and I gave Chickie a therapeutic whole-body scratch.  He loves those.  He is growing a little beard, the cutie.  My boy is growing up!

I was able to join Sylvie and friends at yet another bon voyage feast last night.  While I wish her all the best and want nothing but happiness for her, all this "good-bying" is starting to rankle.  I mean, I do put on a good face and chirp away, but I really DON'T want her to go.  Just saying.  Full disclosure and all that.  But go she must.  The woman who hosted the 'do' is a very lovely, interesting and talented woman with a beautiful home.  She and I bonded over her bantams while Sylvie's eyes glazed.  Luckily, there were other people there who were not so ga-ga over chickens.  Fools.  (kidding)  I brought a new salad that is now replacing my favorite massaged kale salad - it's a broccoli salad with bacon, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, red onion and is topped with a mayo/yogurt, agave nectar, apple cider dressing.  Dreamy!  I was very happy that there was some left over so I could enjoy it again for lunch.

Today was a repeat of yesterday - without the workshop.  Out at 4:30, sheep on grass, water in waters, water gardens, walk dogs (drag Scrappy), stare at work wardrobe trying to find something cool+professional.  I gave up and just tried to match.  There's lots going on at work.  And what am I thinking about?  (See paragraph 2.)


  1. We're hitting 96 here today, and I just put some ice in the girl's waterer, they loved it! Ice chips in an old pie pan works too, we're lucky enough to have an ice maker on our old fridge...

  2. It's in the 90's here too! I hate it when I have to go real fast in the am when it's super hot, and then wonder the whole time I'm gone if I remembered to water everyone! And if they have enough until I get home. Stress! But they are all fine when I get home as I run around trying to get them all water. Then I feel better. Enjoy your work shop!

  3. Well at least the thin sheep and the camel have had a nice haircut so that should help them weather the weather, no? It is hard being away and worrying about water. That is why I love those automatic waterers. But then I worry they will get bumped and run my well dry. See, there is no way out of worrying.

  4. There are a few advantages to living in Minnesota. (If you don't drown, of course.) Today was in the low 70s, sunny with a lovely breeze blowing all day and nary a bug. (Great for drying out my mud patch . . . I mean garden. And Scrappy would have loved it with no bugs.)

    Could you possibly be busier? I mean if you REALLY tried? You really must quit your day job. Think of what all you could add to your schedule if you didn't have to go to it 5 days a week. Lots of credit to you, m'dear, for being willing to work so hard to create the kind of life you love.

  5. It's been warm here too, but we haven't had the severe heat most places have. Try to keep cool!!

    I just found your blog and became a follower (: I can't wait to come back for more posts! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!


  6. Wow! and I thought we were scorching at 84 today. No matter tho, they have forecasted snow at 5,000 ft for this weekend!!! Talk about schizophrenic weather!!!

  7. We hint all time highs in the 90's this week. I could've cried. (I don't like the heat...)

    Glad to learn your animals did okay even with the skyrocketing temps! Stay cool!

  8. Nancy - I should try putting ice in their waterer. That would keep them occupied for hours. It works wonders with the cats!

    SF - It's always difficult to have to leave the homestead when there is any kind of extreme weather predicted. I am an absolute wreck during thunderstorms.

    Jane - Hehehe. Yes, I still think the camel should be kissing my feet for getting that 10 hunk of rug off of her. Not so. They now prefer a bucket of cool water in the shed, thankyouverymuch.

    Mama Pea - Lordamighty! You sure did have more than your share of water up there. May I send Scrappy up to Camp Pea until fall? He'd be ever so grateful...

    Michele - Welcome! How nice to meet you - I will zip over to your blog to get acquainted. A little rain this morning made for a much brighter day!

    Petey - Snow???? Are you in the Himalayas? I must get out my maps and check it. Holy smoke.

    RS(me) - I am with you, kiddo. I am so NOT a hot weather person.

  9. It has been 100 here every day this week. Blech. Oh wait, but it's a DRY heat!! ;-)
    I'm going to have to use Nancy's idea of ice in the water for the chickens, they always look so hot in the afternoon. Glad ya'll are surviving.

  10. ohmigosh wasn't it AWFUL?! Egads it was 90 this morning at 8 am picking veggies and so humid I could barely see across the yard yuck! Strong storms just moved through and dropped the temp about 20 degrees, hope you got the same relief!!

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