Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Musings 63-69





5-7 (+100)

I've been trying to be in a 'better place' as I commute to work each morning.  Better than that place where everyone in front of me is an idiot.  You know.  I switched my soundtrack to classical and it's working beautifully.  I find my daydreaming is of a much kinder, gentler sort if I'm letting Mozart waft in and out of my ears.  Such as:  I wonder how many reed instruments there are....oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, guitar.  KIDDING.  Just checking to see how many of you were nodding off.

Without further ado, this week's jettisoned object d'trash:

1- Yes, I know it's wrinkled.  That's why it is going.  Seriously, this is a very nice new-to-me cashmere cardigan.  But (big BUT) it's pink.

2- I tried to use this but I don't have closet poles that are high enough.  It doesn't have anything to do with the fact that there is no room in the closet because of all the ... stuff.  True.  Yep.  It's already found a new home with someone who has the right idea - START organized.

3- A very clever birthday greeting in punched metal.  However, now that I do not celebrate my birthday, it can go merrily on its way to brightening up another celebrant who is not so jaded.

4- A sad and boring entry.  I don't know why, but the sight of it, with its missing glass and dusty edges, just makes me sad.  Poor frame-y.

5-7 A large bin of miscellaneous stuff has left the building.  Along with Elvis.  I did one of those manic cleanings of a corner in the craft/sewing/etc. room this weekend and this was the result.  It went on Freecycle and was gone within the hour.  It's amazing.  The bin, however, stayed.  I love my bins.  (Thank you, Sylvie xo)


  1. i loooove the pink cardigan!!! but are on a crazy "chucking stuff out" ride! good job!

    your friend,

    1. Pink just isn't me. I think it harkens back to my rebellious childhood.

  2. I do believe you could get a job as an ad copy writer. You make everything so interesting . . . and funny. Which, on second thought, might not be exactly what your ad copy writer boss would be looking for. But what the heck, we need more humor these days so go for it! What? No? You don't want to leave your present job position? You're having too much fun there and the salary is unbelievably good? Well, okay, if you're sure . . .

    P.S. Forgive me this morning. I'm dealing with a frustrating, difficult situation over which I don't seem to have any control and even though I've only been looking at that bottle of lovely wine, it may still have gone straight to my head.

    1. Thanks, Mama Pea. Having a sense of humor is part of my survivalist kit.

  3. Susan,

    Another great Monday with purging items wooohoooo!!! Great job Susan :-)

  4. I am glad you rehomed everything. Those are many thing you might find in my craft/sewing/art/creation area. I, too, have a bin but not that color.

    I do not like pink. Mom used to always dress me in pink!