Monday, March 28, 2016

My, my. What a big mouth you have....

Our regular programming will be back later this week...

It's official.  I've opened my virtual mouth on this blog 1000 times.  Wholly Mackerel.  That's a lot of blah, blah, blah.

To celebrate, I am going to have a giveaway.  It's a thank you for everyone who has read along and especially to those who take the time to comment.  It's a celebration of all the friends I've made through this blog and the blogs I follow and for all the new friends and blogs to come!

It's a way to not have to come up with an original idea....

The giveaway is open to contiguous US readers only, I'm afraid.  Although I might come up with an alternative prize that can be more easily (read: cheaply) mailed.  As a matter of fact, that's a great idea.  SO (my favorite way to open a sentence...) I'll have two drawings.

US prize:

Penzey's Kind Heart Box.  I love their spices and herbs, and I love their message of love, nurturing and acceptance.

Everywhere Else Prize:

To enter in the giveaway contest, please leave a comment below about anything.  Let's get a stream of consciousness going here...  Deadline is Thursday, March 31 at midnight.  Another anniversary - I closed on my house ten years ago - and moved in that night with a bed, a chair and patio furniture!  Party, party, party!!!
Bon chance!


  1. goes. I watch people when we go to town and I have to vent about a few things.
    #1 Spandex is NOT outerwear!
    #2 If you pull your skirt down in front because you think it is too short..MAKE sure you pay attention to the back of said skirt!
    #3 Wearing a low cut top....have a bug bust.....PLEASE do not lean over your shopping cart handle!
    #4. [My fav] If your 4 year old throws a tantrum and chucks your Ipad out of your shopping cart in the parking lot on the way to your car and it gets run over....don't yell at the driver of the vehicle who squashed it! The problem is closer to home!

    All these things were seen in parking lots in Bowling Green, KY. You can see why I love to come home to the wacko farm and weird poultry.
    Congratulations on your 1000 post! I so enjoy time spent here and have learned and laughed in all the best ways!

    1. Fiona - I had a good laugh at your comment...we could live in twin towns! What is it about people who wear skin tight clothing on bodies that cry out for cover?

  2. Congratulations on your 1000th post!

  3. i love penzey's stuff too and use it all the time! you don't have to enter me though because i have a penzey's store here and it should go to someone who can't easily get it.

    1. Jaz - We have a Penzey's but it is not close to me. I LOVE their spices!

  4. Well...I've never heard of Penzey's (and now will have to google it and be up another 2 hours drooling over more things to put on my shopping list. lol) I am trying to catch up on my reading...and it tickles even ME that I am trying to blame my laziness on 2 knee surgeries in 5 months. LOL Seriously though--pain medication makes it hard to read.) Congrats on your annniversaries. xoxoxox

    1. Akannie - You will love them! I hardly call working through two knee surgeries in five months lazy!

  5. Well, poop. Somehow this post of yours never showed up for me . . . until I went searching for it just now after you announced the winner (Congrats, Annie!) in your current post. I'm gonna sit right down and write a nasty letter to Blogger. Or the Internet head honcho. Or . . . or . . . someone! Boo-hoo.