Monday, March 6, 2017

A New Shade of Gray.

Who would have thought that I'd be so excited about gray, this time of year?  Everything is drabs-ville outside and I'm fearing for the spring blossoms.  We had abnormally warm temperatures off and on for a while, which was then followed by plummeting (as in -0) temps.  Nothing seems to happen gradually and gently anymore.  Every time we transition from cold-warm, warm-cold, it includes a violent storm.

I digress.

Two days ago, when I went in to collect the two duck eggs so generously donated by my Anconas, Dimples and Gertie, I found this:

It seems Cordelia has decided to join in!  The photographs lend a rather taupe-ish hue to the egg, when, in reality, it is very gray.  It is rather lovely and she seems very proud of herself.  For the past week or so, she has been flapping around with something on her mind.  Or so it seemed.  I figured it was the lead-up to egg-laying, but she didn't seem to get the whole "lay your egg in the duck hut" thing.  Just in case, I blocked off all access to the nether regions under the duck huts and opened the door on Hut Two.  She seems to have figured it out, though, as she has laid one with the other two every morning since.  Woot!  Now we just have to get Dolley into the groove.


  1. blow that egg out and save that shell! it's gorgeous!

    1. I wonder how difficult it is to blow out a duck egg. The whites are tough!

  2. I agree with the above! That is a one of a kind egg. Do you think she was practicing for Easter??

  3. That's quite the duck egg. I love the splotchy markings. I'd blow it out to save too. Sandy

    PS: today is Lily's birthday so I'm going to deliver her wonderful scarf.

  4. I would hide it so only I could find it ... then fry it up or boil it up to whatever suited my fancy at the time.

  5. Susan,

    Gorgeous egg! I agree with Jaz, keep the shell and use the egg inside. I've never seen an egg like this before.

  6. Hi Susan :) That is a beautiful egg! It's inspiring me for my Easter egg decorating! Nature is amazing!