Thursday, March 31, 2011

No Lambs. No Internet. Nerves Fraying.

Still no Internet service at the house.  A hopeful sign this morning was spotting the Fairpoint truck on my road.  They've got two more days before I start paring a week off my monthly bill.  Freyda continues to look imminent - I wouldn't have guess that her udder could get larger, but that bad-boy is HUGE.  It looks like she will go first, with her mother a close second.  And, since they are forecasting a nor'easter starting this evening, my guess is that she will have them tomorrow in the 12 inches of snow they are calling for.  I finished the second lamb sweater this morning -- let's hope she doesn't have triplets!

Last night I came home to find that someone had eaten about a 2 foot by 2 inch portion of carpeting fiber.  After doing a thorough search (during which I discovered all my missing pens) I had to figure that Bernie, my weird, nutty dog, had eaten the whole thing.  During the next two and a half hours, I was back and forth on the phone with the vet's emergency service and squirting hydrogen peroxide down her gullet.  I have never known a dog who could resist tossing her cookies for so long.  Eventually, the whole soggy mess came up.  I figure there was an orange-sized clump of carpeting fiber in her tummy.  That would have been pretty darn awful had it worked its way through her system.  Now we are just keeping a close eye on her.  Since I figured that she did the damage out of pure angst -- her compadre has been kept in his crate while I'm gone (aka, Mr. Peebody) -- he is now free to roam with his belly band.  Honestly -- I'm afraid to ask what's next.

If, by some miracle, my Internet service is back up tonight, I will download the pix I have taken of the QE2s.  Right now, I am very happy to be in the safe normalcy of my office.  I doubt anyone here will eat the carpet.


  1. When it rains it pours! Or snows, 12 inches??? Oh my goodness. What would possess a dog to eat the carpet. So glad she is ok. Sending you more good thoughts!

  2. It's a legal office. Anything's possible...

  3. Well, at least if someone in the office eats some carpeting, it won't be your responsibility to get it out of their system.

    Sending you good thoughts and trying my darndest to divert the snow storm scheduled to dump on you. Geesh.

  4. Jane - All good thoughts are very welcome and much appreciated.

    Melanie - So true.

    Mama Pea - Ha! It depends on who eats the carpet. Yes, from your lips to God's ear - send it out to sea!

  5. Are you KIDDING ME? You don't need any more snow! File a protest or something because your back has had enough!!

    Oh I hope those babies aren't born during the storm! But we can't wait to see the pics!

    I can't believe your doggie ate the carpet! Poor thing!