Thursday, March 31, 2011

The QE2s

Hurray!  Internet connection is back - although a little hinky.  Here are shots of the wideloads.  Freyda, Flora's daughter, may have her lambs at any moment (hopefully NOT in the middle of the night) - but most likely during tomorrow's nor'easter, if my current luck holds.

Clockwise from top:  Juno (black), Coco(nut), Freyda, Bartlett, Flora

A rear-on shot of Flora, with Juno to her left and the cause of her discomfort to her right


  1. Remind me to never let you point a picture at my hinny! :o)

    Fingers crossed the storm is a MISS!!!

  2. It hurts just to look at her.

  3. Flora looks like a wooly table.

  4. I haven't had time to read any blogs today but I had to check in when I saw the title of this one.... LOL! I couldn't really tell much on the first photo but oh, my just look at Flora in the 2nd shot, amazing she can stay upright LOL... good luck sheep mama!

  5. I hope yours pop this evening - after work and before bedtime! Amen.