Thursday, March 17, 2011


Seems like I have been doing a lot of waiting lately - and it's not over yet. 

I'm still waiting for Spring ~ but the circle of earth around the big pine tree in my front yard is growing by the day.  More and more of my raised beds are appearing in the snow.  There is the slightest hint of buds on the forsythia bush.  I heard a red winged blackbird.  The Canada geese are back, as are the mourning doves.  Everyone that's been around all Winter has changed their tune to the top ten Spring song hits.

I'm waiting for Jasmine to freshen ~ I visit every morning and scratch her ears, chin, neck and face.  She's really bagged up and looks uncomfortable.  Her due date is the 20th.  The farmer has promised to call me the moment she calves.  We are hoping for a heifer.

I'm waiting for lambs ~ It will be a toss-up as to who goes first: Freyda or Flora.  Freyda spends more and more time gazing distractedly off into the distance.  Both ewes resemble the QE2 on little stick legs.  Kay continues to visit every day.  I sit in my office by my phone.

I feel like an expectant father.


  1. Don't worry, it will all happen at once. This is a tough time of year, nothing seems like it will ever come. I was comparing this year to last on my blog, and it was very green at this time last year, I had tons of stuff in my greenhouse, and my birds were laying. It doesn't just feel like spring isn't coming, it Hasn't! What is going on with this weird year?

  2. Jane - that's what I'm afraid of! It will all happen at once! And you're right - I keep wishing things/weather would go back to normal, but I believe our new "normal" is ab-normal.

  3. So when Jasmine has her calf and comes into milk, will you have her on your own property then for daily milking?

    What are the plans for your new lambs? To sell? Raise for your freezer? Or to increase your flock?

    Nosy, aren't I?

  4. Mama "Nosy Parker" Pea - Jasmine and her calf (if it's a heifer) will remain at the farm. No daily milking for me until retirement, if I'm not too feeble by then. I get her milk on weekends (2 gals a day), so it works out okay - 'though I'd rather have her here. I will keep one lamb and sell the rest. It's the only time they pay for their keep. Depending on the ewe/ram ratio, I may keep a ram to raise for the freezer.

  5. Post pics of the sheep! I would love to see the QE2's LOL! You are certainly going to be busy soon, not that you aren't already. So glad you are starting to see signs of spring!

  6. It is so strange to actually see the ground.

  7. Erin - I will try to remember to actually have my camera while it's light enough to take pix.

    Sylvie - who would have guessed I would be so thrilled to see mud!

  8. It's that time of year poised on the verge of activity! I think the waiting seems longer with better weather right around the corner. Or maybe I'm just ready to be on with summer. :)