Friday, July 8, 2011

Calamity Jane Strikes Again!

My youngest sister is nicknamed "Calamity Jane" for a good reason.  I have never known anyone who has had such a calamity-filled life.  Yet, she remains buoyant and positive and always lands on her feet.  And she is as sweet and well-meaning, kind and dear as you can get.

She told me a recent hair-raising tale about the near miss of the half a brick that was holding her window a/c unit in place as it took a dive onto her super's glass patio table, seven floors below. Thank goodness he had just moved to the other side of his patio.  We agreed that she should always have someone on hand to help her with ANYTHING involving open windows from now on.
Those of us left in the wake of her visits are sometimes left picking up the pieces.  She was in town for a typical short, fast-and-furious visit with her son and stayed with me last night.  They are both anxious to help and pitch in with a lot of enthusiasm; being knowledgeable about the task at hand is low on their list of priorities.

I took them to the train station this morning, after she gave me a hand with morning chores.  I came home tonight to find all 28 of my chickens spread over the yard, the road, and over hell's half acre.  She hadn't latched the gate to the chicken yard fence.  Did I mention I got a total of about 3 hours of sleep last night?  And it was sprinkling?  And the sheep were baaing, goats were bleating, dogs were barking?  I have all but one back in the yard and I'm hoping to be able to lure the ninny toward the gate in a few minutes while there's still light.

I believe this will be a two-glass-of-wine evening.


  1. Doncha just wonder how people like that keep functioning without inflicting serious bodily injury to themselves? Or other?!

  2. LOL, I love that sentence about knowledge being a low priority! Well it's the thought that counts, right? I was cringing reading about the a/c unit. Lovely that she came for a visit, though - calamity and all!

  3. Well those type of people keep life interesting. What fun would it be if we all got things 'right'?

  4. Ha! At least she is always good for a laugh! Never a dull moment with someone like that around! It does make one wonder how on earth she's made it this far...oh, wait- she has a very good sister to help her out :0)

  5. 2 glasses? Make it 3 and have a great night of sleep!!!

  6. that's what sisters are for!